Stylist Assistant

This program teaches basic canine psychology, pet grooming, safe handling of dogs, including brushing, combing, clipping nails, cleaning ears, preparatory clipping, bathing, drying, and basic finishing techniques for a wide variety of coat types.

Students will also receive registration for the online testing, pet tracking journal, photo essay template and training support through the Paragon Call Center or online. All testing is performed online and open book.

Pre-requisite: None
Total Training Time: Up to six months


Home Study Tuition, Tools & Textbooks

  • Application ($25.00)
  • Processing Fee ($50.00)
  • Tuition ($625.00)
  • Books ($150.00) plus tax, shipping/handling, available HERE.
  • Video Lesson Flash Drive ($300.00) plus tax, shipping/handling, available HERE.

Canine Psychology: Cesar’s Way – Cesar Millan
Canine Anatomy: Canine Terminology – Harold Spira
Breed Standards: AKC Complete Dog Book – The American Kennel Club
Grooming: Notes from the Grooming Table – Melissa Verplank, CMG
Grooming: Theory of Five – Melissa Verplank, CMG
Canine First Aid: First Aid in the Salon – John Stazko
Paragon Pet Grooming Study Guide & Workbook – released in modules

Total Investment =  $700.00

All grooming tools are to be supplied by the student, or a full tool kit can be purchased HERE for $750.00 + S/H.