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How to Survive the Holiday Rush

If you missed our Facebook Live or just want to delve deeper for tips on surviving the Holiday Rush, check out this roundup of links to our archives on the topic.


  • Physical Health – You’re an occupational athlete! What does it take to stay in top form?
  • Food Prep – Plan meals ahead to stay “fueled” for top performance
  • Mental Health – What helps you destress? Pre-book a relaxing massage or schedule time for relaxing hobbies.
  • Pace Yourself – Know your limits and when to say no.
  • Stay Merry – Keep the spirit in the season!

Resources for Surviving the Holiday Rush

From the Archive: Videos at Learn2GroomDogs.com

Preparing for the Holiday Rush with Melissa Verplank

Tails from Holidays Past

Creating Holiday Ornaments on Hip Rosettes

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