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Expert Profile: Josh Morales

Special Guests

Josh Morales

Joshua Morales is a veteran in the world of all-breed dog grooming and a Training Expert at Learn2GroomDogs.com. A graduate of the Merryfield School of Pet Grooming in 2009, he is also a Nationally Certified Master Groomer through the National Dog Groomers Association of America and a Certified member of the International Society of Canine Cosmetologists. Joshua has helped hundreds of aspiring pet groomers across the globe through hosting, conducting, and organizing seminars nationwide and abroad. His proven methods, determination, and hard work earned the Barkleigh Honors Award for the “2017 Up and Coming Groomer of The Year.”

Expert Profile: Josh Morales

In this episode, dog grooming training expert Josh Morales tells the inspirational story of his dog grooming ascent. Learn about how Josh went from Learn2GroomDogs.com member to expert instructor.

  • What compels a pastry chef to get into dog grooming?
  • How hard can dog grooming possibly be?
  • What resources are available for aspiring dog-groomers?
  • Is confidence a crucial component of success?
  • How can I improve my client relationships?

Tune in to find out!


Announcer: Welcome to Hey Joe!, a podcast answering questions asked by our listeners, created by pet professionals for pet professionals. And now your host, Hey Joe!’s very own Joe Zuccarello.

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Joe Zuccarello: We had an opportunity to do an interview, a video interview, with Josh Morales, who many of you may know. If you don’t, you will know very well after this Hey Joe! Podcast. But because it was a video recording you’ll notice that maybe the sound is a little bit different than what you’re normally used to hearing. But we thought that the content was so powerful that we wanted to share it with you as one of the Hey Joe! podcasts.

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Joe Zuccarello: So to all of our audience members out there, we have a real special guest with us today, and he has an incredible story of his transformation from pre-groomer to post-groomer, and then success even after that. So we are joined today by the one and only Josh Morales. Josh, thanks for joining us today.

Josh Morales: Hello everybody. Thanks for joining in with me likewise.

Joe Zuccarello: At Learn2GroomDogs.com we focus a lot of our efforts on what we call our OBO, and that’s our one big objective, and that is helping others find their success. Because everybody’s success starts at a different place and ends at a different place. And part of what we’re doing in the new Learn2GroomDogs.com platform is bringing member spotlights front and center to you, all of our members, and what better member spotlight can we have but Josh Morales?

Joe Zuccarello: So Josh, you were at one time a member of Learn2GroomDogs.com, and fairly recently you are now a one of our training experts. So let’s jump in our time machine and go back, back in time when Josh Morales was not a dog groomer. Tell us about Josh pre-groomer.

Josh Morales: Josh pre-groomer? there’s a lot to say with that story. I was the typical 18-year-old teenager, kind of lost, I would say, to… It’s not even a lack of a better word. I would say that would be the kind of the typical gist of things. At 18 years old in South Florida, there was a lot of distraction. I just moved down here, and my original passion was to cook. And, believe it or not, I went Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts School in Miami to learn how to cook.

Josh Morales: And I quickly realized how much I loved animals, because of a meat fabrication course that was required in order to graduate the class.

Joe Zuccarello: Really?

Josh Morales: So in this course I had to learn the whole process, from when the animal is alive to the process… It goes through when it is killed, murdered, whatever the correct term for that would be, and of course the processing, cutting up the meat, knowing which part to eat. And this class was very probably the most important class you needed in order to graduate. It was very up close and the personal. Nothing was eased on you. It was very straightforward, very cutthroat. And it was honestly when I realized how much I really loved the animals, and how I wouldn’t, I just wouldn’t go through that class. I wouldn’t do it.

Josh Morales: So I did everything I could to skip the class, even switched to pastry chef, and it wasn’t possible. So being 18-year-old, kind of not knowing what he wants to do at this point, now that I knew I wasn’t going to cook, and hearing from the school director that I was pretty much never going to finish anything, a very nice way of telling me, I’m going to be a loser if I don’t finish culinary school.

Josh Morales: I assume half of that was his job to make sure I didn’t quit. But unfortunately I quit. So with that, I knew if I went home and sat on the couch I wasn’t going to be anything in life. And I didn’t want to disappoint my father. My father’s a military background, spent 21 years in the Navy. And I kind of want to follow, I wanted to follow his footsteps and make my father proud more importantly than anything else.

Josh Morales: So watching my father and his reaction to me quitting school, and me not joining the military, which is another story. As a teenager I realized that I didn’t want anybody telling me what to do. So joining the military was out of the picture. And now culinary school was out of the picture. And seeing my father disappointed, I knew I had to go to school right away.

Josh Morales: So I found a barber school to be interesting. Barbers were always kind of cool to me. They were always edgy, and they always had nice cars, and they were always busy, and they always kind of had a schedule or lifestyle that seemed to be out of the normal 9:00 to 5:00.

Joe Zuccarello: Right, and very sociable. They’re talking with people all the time, and customers all the time.

Josh Morales: Networking. Exactly. And you still kind of build your own kind of image. It didn’t matter what barber shop you were at, or whatever. So it was something very interesting to me. So I kind of pitched it to my parents at that time, and my parents had said that that was a career that was great, but not really recession-proof, to pick something that was recession-proof, which is where I had found out, and it was my mother who told me to go to the school in Fort Lauderdale, and check out the different schools, and see what my options were as far as-

Joe Zuccarello: In different grooming schools. So she was the first one to pitch grooming school to you?

Josh Morales: Oh, yes. I had no idea. I had no idea it existed. Literally, I thought dogs were born the way we see them on TV. Yeah, maybe we brushed them, not as a professional that makes them look presentable. But never in my right mind did I ever process the fact that there was a career or a job, and specific to-

Joe Zuccarello: What a great… It’s an interesting angle, Josh, because we have a lot of young people that come to the Paragon School of Pet Grooming up in Michigan, and they’re the ones, the young people are the ones that kind of put the thought in their parent’s head, and almost have to prove to their parents that it’s a worthwhile thought or a worthwhile career. In your case, your mom put it in your head.

Josh Morales: Exactly, exactly.

Joe Zuccarello: That’s a cool little twist.

Josh Morales: I was naive, completely naive. I had no idea it existed. So when I found out I could do kind of that barber thing with dogs I was very intrigued. So I explored my options and kind of a experimented different avenues there were, as far as options in the pet grooming industry.

Josh Morales: So the first thing that I looked up was, of course, what does a dog groomer make?

Joe Zuccarello: Right, the question to ask first, right?

Josh Morales: And I was always told, do what you love, love what you do. So I knew I loved animals. That was obviously clear. And I knew I wanted to kind of be creative with scissors and machines, and things like that. So these three pieces together kind of led me to be open-minded, because my opinion towards pet grooming and pet growers, I was naive, first of all. So walking into a school, and I’m kind of… This is a little over-exaggerated, because when you go to a school or you look up online or you look at anything now in the professional side of things, it’s very intricate. It’s very professional, especially nowadays how things are. And you kind of push it back. “Oh, this is easy. This is going to be easy. I’m going to do school.”

Joe Zuccarello: Now remember the audience you’re talking to. You probably had everybody just laugh like I did.

Josh Morales: Exactly.

Joe Zuccarello: “Oh, all grooming’s easy, right? I love dogs. I was raised with dogs.”

Josh Morales: This is what we all literally think. I mean besides the people who come from that background, starting from scratch, baby groomers are groomers-to-be, this is their mentality. I’ve noticed that as a teacher it’s virtually an all-around general thing. Everyone says, they get into it, yeah, they love animals, but, “Wow, you can love animals and make six figure income. Right now I’m signed up.”

Josh Morales: So at this point I get into dog grooming, and my first day I’ll never forget. I wanted to quit. Everything I said about it being easy, “Oh, I’m going to make six figures in 10 months,” and I’m like-

Joe Zuccarello: Dose of reality as a student, right?

Josh Morales: Oh man, it was a real big eye-opener. But I gained so much respect for the job at hand, for that simple task at hand, to the general job description of a dog groomer or professional. And I was so taken back. I literally became overnight a sponge, right? Decided, you know what? This is all I have. I cannot quit grooming school, as tough as this was, my first day.

Josh Morales: This is where my first shift of mentality kind of started, and I was 18 years old. It was really hard for me to say, “I need to embrace everything that is coming my way from negative to positive, and everything in between. I need to just suck it up.” Because when I’m finished with school I’m going to be on my own, and it happens to be, make sure, it’s in my blood to be the best I can be, not only as a man, but generally as a young man going into this world. My generation was kind of like, I think, extra tough, because this is where things start to shift as far as mentality. And we have this millennial kind of a concourse of people kind of going towards one direction, which everybody wants to do things differently. But we have to stick to what we were taught in the past.

Josh Morales: So for me it was a very exciting different… As an 18-year-old male groomer, I think it was just being a male was very intriguing.

Joe Zuccarello: Yeah, because this is a female… I mean, this is still a career, an industry, that’s very much dominated by female presence, and sometimes even that stereotype, right? So you probably, not only did you have to as a youth that might not have had a specific path, and as you found your path you had to kind of get over yourself for a minute, didn’t you? You kind of had to go toward, “All right, this is much harder than what I thought.” But you didn’t quit and you dug in. And it sounds like, to your point, that was that first mental shift of saying, “I’m committed to myself, and I’m going to do this myself.”

Joe Zuccarello: Even against some of the odds, which are, you’re 18 years old. So just age, right? I mean 18 how many 18-year-olds out there know what they wanted to do, or even made that mental switch, even to really have the awareness to know you are making a mental shift. So that in itself was important. And what happens with students a lot of times is, if it gets too hard they bail. But you didn’t. You made that shift and you moved on.

Joe Zuccarello: So now you’re going through school. Your progressing. At what point did you know you’ve got this? You started to do kind of that transformation, and commitment was one of the very first things that you had to do. But at what point did you get past that tipping point where you’re like, “All right, this is my path. I’m cut out for this”? What thoughts did you have?

Josh Morales: So it was kind of interesting, because I went, let’s say, close to six months of completely being in a dark, I would call it a dark tunnel. You’re walking forward and don’t know how much you’re progressing. You don’t know how much you’re failing. You’re just, you know you’re walking forward. You don’t know where you’re going. You don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel, but you know you’re going forward.

Josh Morales: And my shift, it almost feels like it was overnight. I remember my teacher telling me, “Just do it.” And I remember saying to myself, “Okay, if I don’t do it, I’m in trouble.” Now, I know at least if I do this and I mess up, if I’m in trouble at least I went through that, what I think is where your confidence is everything. I think that was my second mentality shift, was once you gain your confidence, then it’s another kind of chug on the roller coaster to get that, another satisfaction of the stomach drop, where, “Oh my God, I kind of…”

Joe Zuccarello: “I might actually be good at this,” right?

Josh Morales: Exactly. And what was sad-

Joe Zuccarello: What did you need to build that confidence, when somebody… Was it kind of a pat on the back? Was it that, maybe validation from the customers when they picked up their groomed pet from you at the grooming school? What reinforced that sense of confidence for you?

Josh Morales: So for me, I think the main thing that reinforced me, and actually kind of double-timed my confidence, was when I made a mistake or an accident, when I hurt a dog. I was required to actually consult with the client after the fact. So not only did I make a mistake on the dog, possibly hurt the dog, which in my case, I hurt at one point, I would cut a Schnauzer’s ear, for instance. Accidents happen. It’s kind of normal. But we don’t encourage for it to happen.

Josh Morales: And so when it happened to me, instead of relying on the teacher to kind of save me, the teacher forced me to go consult with the client. And seeing the client’s reaction and return, me as a student, was mind-boggling. I was thinking to myself, this person’s going to hang me on a stick, then they’ll write the worst review on the internet. At that point the internet, it wasn’t social media. It was the internet. So whatever it was, Better Business Bureau, these are the things that we were really terrified of. Opening up a new business after school, this is going to affect me.

Josh Morales: And quite frankly, my reaction, and the reactions to my mistakes, were the opposite of what I thought. These people understood not only how their dog might have been, but my position as well. So they’re paying a low cost, so they’re not expecting Picasso to do their dog. They know students are learning.

Joe Zuccarello: Their expectations are set a little lower when they’re bringing their dog to a school, a salon that supports a school, right?

Josh Morales: Exactly.

Joe Zuccarello: Interesting that your instructor had the desire and the push to put you out in front of the client. Because I think that’s where some schools come up a little bit short. So what was interesting to me about that part of your story, Josh, is that your instructor actually had the wherewithal to put you out in front of that customer to help you to gain that engagement experience with the customer. Because you talked about grooming in a tunnel, and a lot of times in grooming education and grooming schools, I can see that happening. I can see students kind of grooming in a tunnel and not knowing what that reality is, that it’s outside of the four walls of the school.

Joe Zuccarello: But we’ve often said that I’ve actually seen groomers that have average grooming skills, but they have above average customer experience or customer relationship skills, and they almost can write their own check in our industry. Because this is a relational relationship-built industry. So as your next shift from committing to school, knowing you get through it, that next shift of your confidence, that it sounds to me like what you said was that that client interaction piece was crucial to your confidence.

Josh Morales: Extremely crucial. Because that’s the sense of reality. Because you’re in this room. You’re grooming with a bunch of other groomers that have the same mentality as you at different portions of their program. So you’re never able to really see how much you’re growing, or this black tunnel. Your teachers might be telling you things you want to hear, or maybe you don’t want to hear, whatever it is. We’re kind of convincing ourselves, though, that’s just our teacher. We’re not really doing that good. Or that person’s been here for six months. I’ve only been here three months. That’s not something I can look forward to. But when you come to the client, that’s kind of that, like you say, that reality, that sense of, okay, this wasn’t that bad. This person understands.

Joe Zuccarello: There’s a lot of grace offered, actually, by a client, and I think we, I guess we need to be our own worst critic when we’re learning things, but we also have to understand that the best person to ask to be a critic is the person that we’re serving. And sometimes they’re not as nice, but most of the time what I found is in our business people want to support other people that are learning to do, especially dog grooming.

Joe Zuccarello: So you made that first shift, and then a commitment, right? So that was, “I’m committing to learn.” The second one was, “I’m going to take full advantage of my confidence and client relationship.” Was that actually-? Probably, definitely the grooming skills. At what point did you discover, was it during school? Was it after school? So you get to a point where you’re graduating, right? So you get to a point where you’re graduating. What happens right at graduation or just after graduation for you?

Josh Morales: So at that point I know I can do this. I know I can deal with the clients. I know I can build a clientele. I know this can be a six-figure income. Now I’m convinced. Now going through all this experience and seeing how other people do their business… Because usually in school they have people come in that went to school, have their own businesses. So you have a good idea of what you’re about to graduate into. So at this point I’m jumping on the clouds. I think everything is not exactly what they say it is. I believe I’m going to be different from everybody else. I feel that I’m different than everybody else, but that is… Aside from my own personal feelings, I kind of thought I’m going to do this way better than everybody else has ever thought about this, and I’m going to take dog grooming to the next level.

Josh Morales: And at this point I think I’m about 19, and I think it was January 2009, and I received my diploma, and that was my mentality. “I’m going to go out there. I’m going to show it.”

Joe Zuccarello: You’re going to change the world.

Josh Morales: Exactly. I’m going to show everybody what groomers.

Joe Zuccarello: People go to a 19-year-old for a groom, right?

Josh Morales: This is what I’m going to do. And I’m going to make the most money doing it. I’m going to be the happiest person on this planet, and I’m going to prove everybody wrong, that you can literally do anything you want and be successful at it. And definitely was I wrong. I mean, in a good way I was wrong. Because I had to learn really the reality of it, and the fact that I’m only one groomer, I’m only one person. And it’s not just going out there and it’s, “I’m going to open up a shop, I’m going to do this.” It’s far more intricate.

Josh Morales: It kind of goes back to first day of school. “Oh this is easy,” you know? And you kind of brush it off. And I got out to the real world, and that was my humble, so my first kind of humble state of mind, where I had to go right back down to square one, and understand that I had to gain the experience in order to say or feel that I know what I’m doing. Because I still did not know what I was doing.

Josh Morales: My mentality was literally… Before I put the scissors in my hand and groomed professionally I thought I knew what I was doing. And the minute I, expecting to get a paycheck for it, or have real dogs, real clients, and a real shop, I quickly understood that the experience portion of my career was essential, that I think it’s a good thing that you can’t just open up your business right out of school. I mean, you can if you have the capital. I wouldn’t. I’m a normal 19-year-old guy from a working middle-class family that doesn’t have $100,000 to jump into a business. Nor did I know anything about business at that point.

Josh Morales: So I went back to insecure, less confident groomer. And that was kind of my shift, that mentality at that point. I’m, okay, so big deep breath. I have to go to work every day. I have to do this. So it was more of like a chug through this. This is supposed to be difficult. Who said this was going to be easy? There’s people who go to college for four to six years, and they still need to get their experience where they, A, get the paycheck they’re expecting, or B, work for that major company that they’re expecting to work for.

Josh Morales: So dog grooming doesn’t make it any different. This is really not, I’m realizing that this is a real career, a real path, and it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. So now things are real in every aspect I can think of. I’m vulnerable. You name it. That’s the feeling. I was getting vulnerable. And then at the same time I go to sleep as a 19-year-old whip. I’m still going to rock the world. I’m going to blow the scene up. And I’d wake up with the complete opposite mentality. Like, “Oh my God, I had that dog. Oh my God, how am I going to do this? I’ve forgotten how to groom this dog.” And that’s where I would say the fourth phase would kick in, which is the continuing education portion.

Joe Zuccarello: So before you jump to continuing education, let me just kind of recap. So there was the commitment, right? You committed to learning. And then you had this just surge of confidence as you were learning and you got grooming skills, and you got better with customer experience. But then there was that dose of reality. To your point, you just kind of dropped back down to reality check of, “Okay, I have these skills, and I still have the confidence,” but that dose of cold water, which I think a lot of pet professionals… I don’t care if you’ve been grooming for years or 20 years. When you go to take the next step in your career, or learn something new in business, or hire your first person, or by your first mobile event, there’s always that point where it’s like, “Oh my gosh, now I’m living in reality.”

Joe Zuccarello: So now the next shift for you past that, so that’s the third shift, was that dose of reality. Now it’s, “I can’t stop learning. I have to pull myself out of this. I have to go back to what I first did,” which was committed to learning.

Josh Morales: Yeah. “I’m not done yet.” Exactly. That’s where I’m like, “Oh my gosh, I am not done yet.”

Joe Zuccarello: So let’s talk about like continuing education. What were your options? What were you considering? Where did you land? What did you do?

Josh Morales: So I had no idea. I was kind of being kind of reckless at then. 18, 19, 20. I’m kind of jumping. I’m trying to find my home, that right grooming shop, the one that really displayed the most utmost professionalism, utmost presentation. And I have this shop in my head that ultimately, going down the road, I knew it didn’t exist. And then when you want that you have to create it. But I realized I needed to learn a lot more, and how I was going to learn, I had no idea.

Josh Morales: So I remember looking online and just putting in continuing education pet grooming. And of course the schools pop up, but one of the most interesting things was Learn 2 Groom Dogs. Now, that popped up just for the, which I thought was brilliant. It’s kind of a no-brainer. So when you click it, to me at that point it was almost intimidating. I’m like, “Oh my gosh, I’ve never seen that dog before.” I’m searching the internet and I find Learn2GroomDogs.com. And at this point I realized that Learn2GroomDogs.com at this point is the same as Notes of the Grooming Table book, which I want to say everyone that goes to school gets this book. I call it the Bible of dog grooming. So I used to ignore this book, leave it at home. And at this point, once I figure out the two are together, this is valuable. Okay, I use this in school to learn how to groom. Now maybe I should figure out how to use this when this dog comes in tomorrow, this dog that I’ve never groomed in my life.

Josh Morales: So I bring the book, and I start to try to understand the book with the dog. I don’t know how much time has passed doing this concept, but I realize I really still don’t know how to understand this book with this dog. And that’s when I decided, maybe there’s something more to dog grooming than just pets. There’s the reason why there’s all these breeds. There’s a reason why I don’t quite understand this. And learning to the groom dogs became kind of sit back there, something I’ve always wanted to do or invest in, that I just mentally was just wasn’t ready to commit yet. So I used Notes of the Grooming Table book as long as I could, up until I had burnout, which I think every groomer at some point feels it-

Josh Morales: … goes through it, or is about to go through it at some point. So I literally have burnout.

Josh Morales: So I’m looking for another option. I know grooming every day behind the table is going to kill my motivation, my persistence, my determination on being the best I could be. So I landed a teaching job, which is where Learn2GroomDogs.com… At this point I’m 24 years old. So that’s when Learn2GroomDogs.com became a mandatory thing, personally. I knew I did not want a student asking me something I did not know. I did not want to say, I don’t know. And being a teacher, for me, was the dream job. Oh my gosh. Here I am. I’ve got this experience. Yes, okay, now I have to become a master groomer. Oh my gosh. Now I have 30 students every day that are depending on me. And I know the feeling I had, and I know how much I think about my teachers when I get into a situation.

Josh Morales: So I knew at this point my job became the most important job in this universe. This is my new job. And I needed to make sure I know what I’m talking about. So that’s when I literally said Learn 2 Groom Dogs was going to be an investment. I had to make this an investment, because of the part of my mentality, signing up for Learn 2 Groom Dogs was, I have to do this. And the mentality of before didn’t help me. So the mentality of saying, “I need to do this. This is important to my success.”

Josh Morales: I wish I didn’t take that long becoming an instructor, but I’m glad that it kind of saved me. Learn 2 Groom dogs really kind of shifted, put me right back to that vulnerable state. Also allowed me to understand the book a little bit more, know who’s out there, really educated, besides the people who I thought were the only ones out there. And seeing different points of views on how to do the grooms.

Joe Zuccarello: Right. All of the different training experts, right? So all of the there… Melissa Verplank is famous for saying something: “There’s really no black and white in dog grooming as long as it yields a quality output, that it’s safe for both the pet and the pet parent, and that it drives toward efficiency.” We’re helping the groomer complete their task in an efficient manner, so they can complete as many tasks as they want to or can in any given day. And that’s why, to your point, Learn2GroomDogs.com, with all of the experts, there are a variety of different opinions. There are a variety of different ways to get to that quality finished product. So you realized, you picked up on that.

Josh Morales: Yes, I try to debunk it and that’s how I trusted it. I’m thinking to myself, “Okay, I’m going to find the correct way to do this, and I’m going to see how Learn 2 Groom Dogs portrays that.” So when I looked at Learn 2 Groom Dog, it didn’t matter who I looked at. They came to the same result, which was the correct way. And then when you see who is teaching you, and you do your background check on these people that you’re watching these videos from, they’re the best of the best. This is the most credible thing I have. This is the only option I have with dog grooming and continuing education. We can go to seminars, but you can’t take the seminar out of your pocket and do it on a day-to-day basis. The seminar, you’re looking forward to once a month, maybe once a year. You’re taking about maybe 5% of that information, and you’re taking that with you. Where to groom dogs is almost like Notes of the Grooming Table.

Josh Morales: It’s right out of your pocket. So whenever you’re unsure about something you can look it up. Whenever you’re insecure about something you can look it up. Or if you want to back up maybe what your common knowledge is, or maybe you want to secure yourself. Maybe you might know the information that is on there already, but it’s very good to kind of back up what you’re saying. And when you have something like Learn 2 Groom Dogs, that for me literally was a life-changer.

Joe Zuccarello: And it let’s you allow influence and education in from the outside, and from multiple different people. And part of that is you kind of go back, Josh, you kind of have a pattern. I don’t know if you realize this, but you kind of have a pattern. Your pattern is commit, confidence, you kind of get dragged down a little bit, and you kind of, but you’re sensitive. You’re self-aware. You understand you’ve got to do it. And all of a sudden you commit again. And what happens? Confidence. So all of a sudden your confidence is up, and then now you’re back.

Joe Zuccarello: So you go through Learn2GroomDogs.com, you obviously had lots of training experts as your influence, and obviously to your point, people that are credible, people that raise the bar, people that are established and proven as top of their game. So after Learn 2… Well, and maybe not after. You’re still a member. You’re still a member of Learn2GroomDogs.com, and still enjoying the membership benefits that way. But you shifted, and you were invited to become one of those experts. How did that feel?

Josh Morales: I have all my accomplishments. For me it was the biggest one. I still, to this day I believe that cannot be surpassed. It’s something extremely honorable for me, something extremely valuable for me, and something no one can ever take away from me. And I am extremely, extremely proud to be the perfect example of what pet grooming can take you, where Learn 2 Groom Dogs can take you, where the enterprise can take you as far as opportunity and future opportunities, and becoming… It’s almost surreal. it’s that one validation that I kind of always sought out for, that one validation that means the very utmost to me, is to be a part of Learn 2 Groom Dogs.

About Joe

Joe Zuccarello is VP of the Paragon School of Pet Grooming, leaders in grooming education on campus and online. He possesses more than three decades of experience in the pet grooming, product development and pet business consulting disciplines.

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