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Shed Control Treatment Program

Leave the fur with us!

Paragon is pleased to offer a two-step shed control program that is designed to remove hair and undercoat HERE at Paragon instead of dropping as much in your home. While we cannot fully eliminate shedding, we can drastically reduce the amount of hair in the home.

How It Works

The first treatment happens during a full-service visit in addition to the pet’s standard bath and brush service. We use special shampoo, conditioner, de-tangling spritz and a variety of tools and techniques to get that shedding hair out of the coat. Then, we highly recommend seeing your pet again within two weeks to perform a mini version of the treatment to take care of any hair that has made its way to the surface since the last visit.

What Causes Shedding?

Shedding is a normal process in dogs. It promotes new hair growth as well as eliminating seasonal coats. Below you will see a diagram of the “life cycle” of every hair which has three phases. The anagen phase is when hair is actively growing. The catagen phase is when hair growth stops and the telogen phase starts when the hair falls out and is replaced with new hair.

Shedding hair happens on a regular basis. This is part of the natural life cycle of hair shafts. Most dogs will shed more during the spring and fall. When the weather gets warmer, dogs will shed their old winter undercoats to make way for a lighter summer coat. Then the opposite will occur when the weather becomes colder. Daytime hours are another factor. Long days equal less coat and shorter days equal more coat. The dogs will shed their lighter coats and grow a thicker, warmer coat for winter. Growth hair patterns are “mosaic”, meaning, all the hair is not on the same growth-rest-shed cycle. If they were, dogs would be bald when shedding occurred.

How We Control The Shedding:

Regular grooming is vital to managing shedding. As professionals, we are educated on the latest products, tools, and methods to provide the most thorough job of removing the hair which is shedding from the pets.

De-Shedding Products:

De-shedding products are designed to coat the hair shaft to make it easier for the dead coat to slide out.

High-Velocity Dryer:

The high-velocity dryer will be used prior to brushing. This powerful stream of air helps get the dead coat out.

Finishing Spray:

Finishing sprays also put a seal around the hair shaft which will allow the brush and comb to go more smoothly through the coat as well as more easily release the dead coat.

As professional stylists, we will perform the service that is needed for the pet. This includes getting out as much dead hair from the pet on that day. However, the shedding will not stop there! Shedding continues as the life cycle of the hair naturally loses old and damaged hair.

Shed Control Treatment:

The pet will come in for a normal bath and brush service. Extra charges may apply if brushing exceeds the normally allotted time due to the amount of dead coat (between 15 to 20 minutes).

In addition to the bath and brush service, the pet would receive special de-shedding shampoo and conditioner, additional high velocity blow out, de-tangling spray, and an additional brushing and comb out.

Followup Mini Shed Control Treatment:

1-2 weeks later: The pet will come in for the “Mini Shed Control Treatment” which will consist of the following:

  1. The dog will be spritzed with water to moisten the coat.
  2. De-tangling spray will be used to coat the hair shafts allowing the dead coat to slide out easier.
  3. A high-velocity dryer will be used to get the bulk of the dead coat out.
  4. The fur will again be sprayed with a de-tangling spray and will be brushed and combed out.

IMPORTANT: The Mini Shed Control Treatment CANNOT be performed anytime longer than 2 weeks after the full-service bath and brush appointment. The coat will be too dirty causing damage from brush out.

Book your Shed Control Treatment today, and leave the fur with us! Call (616) 667-7297 or Contact Us.



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