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Pet Businesses: Grow Your Own Groomers

Stop “Looking” for Groomers. Start “Growing” Your Own.

Paragon has helped hundreds of grooming salons, pet boarding businesses and national retail chains take their grooming operations to the next level through first-class training and professional development. We know it can be hard to find the right fit for this role, and we know what it takes to make a great groomer. We literally “wrote the book!”
We can coach you to help you find the right people, and then we can train them to become a valuable asset to your pet business.

Get a Future Groomer on the Fast-Track to Success

Grow Your Future Groomer

Why Train with Paragon?

  • Turnkey training for a seamless virtual experience
  • Curricular excellence so you know your employee will be trained right
  • Direct mentoring on virtual and practical work from Paragon’s team of talented mentors
  • Systematic instruction that will prepare students for popular trims and breed standards
  • Strong ROI through increased speed, productivity and technical quality

Need Tips on how to find the right fit for the role?

Employer Resources

Learn How We Helped These Businesses Grow Their Groom Teams

How Pet Care Facility Owners & Operators Answer Questions About Paragon

Finding Future Groomers
Advertise on the job training! Social Media! Search from within! Take a look at our Recruiting “Future Groomer” Guidelines for ideas on where to find groomers.
Financial and time hesitancies are a common theme and our guests discuss how the program has convinced them it was worth their investment. Click here for ROI Calculator.
Mentor Support
“I was surprised at how detailed the feedback was at times! They notice everything!” says Stacey D, Paragon Distance Learning Program Graduate. The GM of Morris Animal Inn said “I trusted the program, that they were on top of it and the mentors are very detailed and responsive.”
Scheduling Time
Build the students’ schedule with groom time and time for course work. Even scheduling out specific breeds!
What Would You Tell Others?
KQ Allen of Nebraska says “Trust me, just do it!” And hear what others want you to know!
The Paragon Effect
The sponsors agreed that productivity has gone up considerably and in return creates more revenue. Listen to how the program has changed the overall environment of these salons!

Do you have a video testimonial about our program?

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