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Online Pet Grooming Program

We bring the on-campus learning experience to you. The Paragon Distance Learning Program is the most comprehensive remote study course developed for the pet grooming industry. This web-based learning experience represents the culmination of over 30 years of real-world expertise. Founder and Certified Master Groomer, Melissa Verplank, and her team of exceptional trainers have created this system specifically for the distance learner.

We'll Coach You!

What makes this program so special is that every Distance Learning Program Student is assigned a Mentor who will help you along every step of your education journey. Private Facebook groups and Paragon Alumni are both examples of additional resources you will be a part of and have access to. You may be learning remotely, but you are certainly not alone!

Our Proven System

This program is perfect for:

  • Individual aspiring groomers looking for a career, whether it is your first or maybe even a second career later in life.
  • Salon Owners and managers who tired of looking for existing talent. It’s time to start and are looking for the perfect fit by hiring for great attitude and training for the job.
  • Multi-unit retailers providing professional grooming services for their customers will love incorporating this program to create a custom-made team.

The Distance Learning Program is designed to help you become comfortable with pets, equipment, and techniques necessary to be competent in a professional grooming setting. Emphasis is placed on developing grooming skills while concentrating on proper breed profile, increasing speed, efficiency, and developing your maximum grooming potential. The programs are broken into three levels. Each level is designed to build your skills in a natural, but comprehensive progression. You must complete the preliminary program levels before moving on to the later levels.

How Our Distance Learning Program Works

Enroll Online

You will get access to the online curriculum materials for the Level you selected, including videos, quizzes, and tests. You will be assigned an instructor.

Start Work

Each Level is comprised of modules, and each module has a study guide to lead you through, step by step. You will use a blend of illustrated textbooks & online content.

Video Tutorials

Many of the modules include video lessons to better illustrate the techniques you're learning. Watch the pros at work in order to perfect your technique!

Online Tests

Each lesson gives you a chance to take (and repeat, if needed) a practice quiz before performing the online graded unit test. All tests are open book.


Each Level has practical assignments to help reinforce the skills you're learning. You will upload photos of your work for grading, and maintain a grooming tracker for final grade.


After completing each Level, you'll receive an acknowledgment of completion and be ready to work -- or to start the next Level! We offer post-grad support and professional development.

Level 1:

Paragon Groom Tech

Learn More

Level 2:

Paragon Pet Groomer

Learn More

Level 3:

Paragon Pet Stylist

Learn More

Everything You Need for Success!

Highly-trained Industry Professionals as Your Mentors
Our Mentors are hand selected by their leadership and qualified through our rigorous assessment process. Our Mentors are not only great groomers, but they must also possess leadership skills and an attention to detail in all aspects of grooming, people, and customer experience skills.
Comprehensive Curriculum Books & Videos
The DLP Coaches provide expert assistance in executing the techniques outlined in Notes from the Grooming Table and Theory of 5, written by renowned grooming industry expert and Founder of the Paragon School of Pet Grooming, Melissa Verplank. In addition to text books and a comprehensive set of video lessons, students will also receive a welcome packet and Study Guide(s) that will lead them through the entire program, step by step.
Required Equipment in a Convenient Bundle
Students are required to have specific equipment and textbooks before they begin their training. We recommend that students purchase their tools directly from Paragon to ensure equipment quality and alignment with their program. Note: Practice pets need to be supplied by the student.

Explore Our Course Outlines

Click the button below to request more in-depth information for each level in our comprehensive online Distance Learning Program. We’ll provide details on the education experience, the length of time each segment takes, tips, pricing as well as our policies. We look forward to hearing from you.

Request More Info

Have additional questions? Please contact us. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you more about your future career.

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