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What hours do I need to make available to attend school at the Paragon Training Center?
How do I pay for school?
How do I enroll in the Distance Learning Program?
How long does it take to complete the Distance Learning Program?
What training options are available to learn how to become a professional groomer?
How much money can I earn grooming pets on a professional level?
How do I know if a career as a pet groomer is right for me?
Do I need any previous experience with pets before I start learning how to groom?
How old is the average person that gets involved with grooming pets and is there a certain gender that dominates the industry?
Are there jobs available if I opt to do this on a professional level?
How long does it take to learn how to groom pets?
How do I know what makes up a quality program?
What are some of the pitfalls of learning how to becoming a professional pet groomer?
How do I find out how many dogs are in my area?
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