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Paragon Cares

Paragon Cares is Team Paragon’s initiative focused on highlighting and supporting selected pet-related causes in our industry. Take a look below for more information and learn how you can get involved!

Project K9 Hero

Project K-9 Hero was created to honor the unwavering dedication of retired Police K-9s and Military Working Dogs by creating a global environment that celebrates their heroic service. This includes assistance with medical costs, prescription food, rehabilitation, rehoming, and end-of-duty services.

Their aim is to provide these remarkable companions with the dignified post-service life they rightfully deserve, advocating for a quality way of life in recognition of their selfless contributions. This is accomplished through educating the public, government agencies, and elected officials on the costs and responsibilities of owning a retired K-9 Hero.

Project K-9 Hero also provides a safe haven at their 177-acre Rehabilitation & Rehoming Facility for retired K-9 Heroes to live when they no longer have a home or an owner that can meet their specialized needs.

Learn More on ProjectK9Hero.org

The Pup Relief Tour

Founded by Brian Taylor, celebrated as the “Dogfather of Harlem,” embarked on an inspiring mission with Pup Relief Tour INC: to bring accessible pet grooming services to underprivileged communities across America.

Today, The Pup Relief Tour is celebrating grooming over 1,800 pets, absolutely free of charge, thanks to their network of over 100 dedicated volunteer groomers. Their workshops have educated countless pet owners in 16 states, sowing seeds of knowledge and empowerment. Their reach even expanded internationally, with successful training sessions in Lagos, Nigeria.

This journey has been about more than grooming — it’s about nurturing connections, spreading joy, and creating a world where every pet is loved and cared for.

Learn More on PupReliefTour.com

“We started Paragon Cares to shine a spotlight on pet and grooming-related causes that we feel make a tangible, positive impact in this industry. It’s our hope to give these organizations the recognition they deserve, so they can grow and thrive – helping more and more people and pets along the way. We hope you find their missions as inspiring as we do and maybe become an advocate for them yourself!”

-Joe Zuccarello, President of Paragon

Join Guest:

Jason Johnson

Introducing Project K9 Hero with Jason Johnson

Joe Zuccarello interviews Jason Johnson of Project K-9 Hero, a non-profit organization that provides a peaceful retirement and quality healthcare for retired military and working dogs. These incredible animals serve alongside our brave men and women in uniform, risking their lives to protect and defend our nation. They detect explosives, locate missing persons, and perform a variety of other life-saving tasks. However, once these dogs retire, they often face a significant lack of support and funding for their medical care. Project K9 Hero steps in to bridge this gap. Their work ensures that these retired heroes can enjoy their well-deserved retirement years comfortably, receiving the…

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Join Guest:

Brian Taylor, The Dogfather of Harlem

Helping Others Find a Successful Career Path - How We Can Introduce the Profession of Dog Grooming

Helping Others Find a Successful Career Path How can we introduce the profession of dog grooming in neighborhoods or environments where choices and paths might be limited or unknown Joe Zuccarello interviews Brian Taylor, the famous “Dogfather of Harlem,” founder of the Harlem Doggie Day Spa. Brian is also the creator of Pup Relief Tour, a non-profit organization offering no-cost and low-cost grooming, education, support for aspiring groomers, and building community resilience. Listen in as Brian and Joe explore how to introduce dog grooming to people who are looking for a viable, fulfilling, and rewarding career path! Be sure to visit the Harlem Doggie Day…

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"Protecting Those Who Protected Us." Dogs have long been our loyal companions, but for some, they are much more than that. They are service dogs, therapy dogs, and first responders, making a difference in the lives of countless individuals. Project K-9 Hero is here to shine a light on these remarkable canines and ensure they...Read More

Paragon president Joe Zuccarello and VP Lorri Keller were joined by the Pup Relief Tour Team in our last Facebook Live. If you missed it, here's a replay! Special thanks to the PRT Team for elevating the profession of grooming! "DogFather of Harlem" ⭐️ Brian Taylor from Harlem Doggie Day Spa HDDS, and the PRT...Read More

If you were able to join our Facebook Live with the Pup Relief Tour Team, thank you! Here are a few images of their tour-de-grooming-force! Stay tuned for an update on more ways to help this global groomer initiative! Special thanks to the PRT Team for elevating the profession of grooming! "DogFather of Harlem" ⭐️...Read More

Join Paragon president Joe Zuccarello & VP Lorri Keller June 1st, 7 p.m. EST for a great Facebook Live featuring special guests Brian Taylor, the "Dogfather of Harlem," and his team of Pup Relief Tour Ambassador/Trainers, Gianna Richardson from Gia Styles Grooming; LaTonya Smith from LC's Detroit Salon, and LaBree Braxton from Fluffy By Nature. The...Read More

The Pup Relief Tour in partnership with Paragon is fresh off its mission is to elevate the grooming profession around the world, through excellence in skill development. PRT mastermind, Brian Taylor aka "The Dogfather of Harlem" is passionate about opening avenues to the grooming profession at home and abroad. The banker-turned-successful grooming business owner became...Read More

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