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About Us

The word Paragon means “A Model of Excellence,” and that has been the driving force behind The Paragon School of Pet Grooming since its inception in 1991. The placement rate for Paragon graduates is about 95%. In fact, most graduates have jobs before they even complete their studies at Paragon.

Why Choose Paragon

Paragon offers comprehensive Web Based study programs that teach the art and science of pet styling. A secure learning environment is staffed with dedicated professionals committed to the individual needs of each student.

How You’ll Learn

You will build a strong foundation of grooming skills based on the American Kennel Club (AKC) breed standards and will learn how to apply those skills to achieve high-quality grooming on all dogs in a safe and compassionate manner.

Our synergistic learning approach is the perfect combination for the best learning student experience. You’ll learn from dedicated instructors, read essential texts, and watch video lessons that will be the foundation of your education. You will work with pets in a professional and supportive environment where your fellow classmates and your instructors will be encouraging and focused on everyone’s success. You will feel like part of the Paragon family during your learning and well beyond graduation. The step-by-step learning process is easy to follow and keeps you on track from day one all the way through graduation.

Why You’ll Succeed

Graduates of The Paragon School of Pet Grooming receive the skills needed to successfully compete in the job market and are in high demand for employment opportunities across the country.

Our Team’s experience is unmatched. You’ll learn from Certified Master Groomers, Business Experts, Marketing Specialists, and Trained Mentors whose understanding of the pet industry is so complete, you’ll be more successful than you imagined possible. Your Paragon education will put you ahead of the competition for career opportunities worldwide.

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