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How To Use The Employer/Sponsor Enrollment Form

Welcome to Paragon’s Employer/Sponsor Enrollment Center! Here are a few quick screen shots to familiarize you with our order system. This is what you will see after you log in as an existing sponsor or after you sign up for a NEW Employer/Sponsor’s Account.

Step 1: Add Store Location(s)

After Logging into an Existing account or signing up for a New account, enter your email and password on the Sponsor Sign-In band. You will be taken to the “Create A New Order” Screen. In the first LOCATIONS tab, fill in your store location and SAVE. If you have multiple locations, next click ADD LOCATION to add another. When finished adding locations, click SAVE again.

Step 2: Add Learner Information

Click on the second LEARNER tab to begin entering LEARNER information. Be certain that the email you enter for the student is A) correct and B) the email you want used for all program communication with the student. A student account is created using the email address at time of order and this email cannot be changed once the program has begun. Select the courses and/or equipment you want each student to have. SAVE your order information. To add another student, click the “+” sign to add the next set of student information and courses/products ordered.


Step 3: Review and Confirm Your Order

Click on the CONFIRM ORDER tab to review your order information. Once you are certain it is correct, SUBMIT your order. You will see it process each item in your form. Once processing is complete, proceed to the PAYMENT link. The order is not complete and the student is not enrolled until payment is received.


Step 4: Pay For Your Pending Order(s)

Click PAY NOW to start your order processing. Future orders from the release date of the new enrollment center will be available for easy review in the blue band. Once our staff receive the orders, they will connect your student to their personal Mentor and supply additional information for them to get started!


Ready to GET STARTED? Thank you for supercharging your groom staff with Paragon, the leaders in groomer education!

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