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International Boarding & Pet Services Associations

The International Boarding & Pet Services Associations, or IBPSA, provides business resources, staff education, and legislative support. It’s members include owners and employees of pet boarding and daycare facilities, groomers, dog walkers, pet sitters, veterinarians, trainers, and holistic pet care providers currently in more than 10 countries. IBPSA also helps and encourages Member to be a part of networking opportunities so they can receive support and also learn from those professionals in the industry.

Did you know that pet owners spend billions on their pets each year? Just in the United States, owners spend more than $60 billion and $5 billion of that is spent on pet care services such as grooming, boarding, walking, training, and pet sitting. The “services” category is rapidly growing more than triple of the growth percentage than any other category. Even internationally, the growth is exponentially larger.

IBPSA is committed to providing our Members with the business resources and support they need to be among the best in the industry. Our certification programs and staff education is developed by veterinarians and industry experts to provide service providers with a base of pet care knowledge.

What We Provide:

  • Business Resources
  • Industry Expertise
  • Staff Education and Training
  • Certifications
  • Legislative Support
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