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Career Page Template

Are you marketing as much for Employees as you are for Customers?  Yes, you need to be Marketing for Employees!

Competition for employees is more fierce than competition for customers right now.

  • How well do you market for employees?
  • Is your facility and your culture one that prospective employees WANT to work at?
  • Why would they want to work at your company more than other employment choices they have?
  • Do you do a good job of providing an attractive and rewarding workplace?
  • Where do your future employees find out about what you have to offer them?

If you don’t think prospective employees are shopping their options for employment, you might be very wrong!

We want to help you.  We have created a Career Page template for you to consider as inspiration to launch on your website so you can tell future employees all about your company and whey they should consider joining your team.


Use your own colors, photos, and real life stories of your staff and experiences at your facility when designing your new Career Page.  Provide this sample template to your website manager as inspiration.

Download Career Page Template































Career Page Template provided by Sniff Design! Need help with branding and website design for your pet business, Monica Cevallos at Sniff Design is the fit for you!

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