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Groomer Interview Questions

Do you have a Groomer you are interested in hiring?  But you are NOT a Groomer and don’t know what questions to ask?  Or, have the questions you have asked in the past failed to determine if this person is going to be a harmonious and productive addition to your team?  Use this list of questions to determine this and much more!

  • It’s not always about the commission rate, it’s more about the compensation potential based on your average ticket.  So ask the Groomer prospect, ‘how much they want to earn’, then work your numbers backwards to see how many dogs per day they will need to do (every day) to reach their earnings goal.
  • How well could they fit, or not fit, in your culture?  Ask the questions in this guide to explore their perspective on what a team looks like and what role they have played in others or see themselves playing in yours!
  • How many dogs they can groom per day is much different than how many grooms they are willing to commit to grooming each day, every day.  Most can expand to doing more during peak periods, but what are they comfortable with each and every day……that is what you and the Groomer will agree on as their daily schedule ‘contract’ between the two of you.  Any less, they can take call ins (not leave early or say they are booked)…….anymore, you will ask if they can squeeze another in.  But the expectations are clear for everyone.

Put this guide to work for you if you find yourself looking to add existing Groomers to your team!  Good luck!

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