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“My experience has been great with this program! I was nervous about doing an online grooming school, but after actually experiencing it with my mentor, it’s been awesome! There have been multiple times that I’ve messaged my mentor out of the blue to ask questions that aren’t even really related to the material that I’m currently studying. She has gone above and beyond to help me by linking articles and videos, giving me her own experiences, and just words of encouragement when I need it.
I think my favorite thing the program has done for me is that it just immersed me into the world of grooming. I’m so excited to be going to school here and for the future opportunities it may help me connect to.” -Ginnie


I want to thank everyone that put such hard work into designing this pet grooming distance learning program. It has provided me the opportunity to continue my education while running my business. The program is well put together and easy to follow, allowing me to gain confidence as I progress. Each course is taught in a systematic way that prepares you for the next step. My mentor Alyssa, has been helpful and reliable whether it be tips with tools or clarifying course work material. I feel I have been provided with a great framework and the confidence to call myself a pet groomer. -Prince


I’ve had such a great experience in the Paragon program. The video tutorials by Melissa Verplank have been so helpful. I am a visual learner and the videos have helped me understand the lessons even better. My mentor Liz Thompson has also been a valuable resource. Liz is a great example of the kind of dog groomer I strive to become. Her guidance has made the process of moving through each unit even smoother and is part of the reason why I’ve already started Level 2.
I would love to create more jobs in America. I am going to own my own business one day. l want to have a mobile and a groom shop. I will take the show on the road and travel to take care of pets in needs in other areas. – Ronit


When I first started with Pet Supplies Plus I could not wait to start paragon, I was so excited. I remember feeling very confident about every submission, even just the nails and ears. I knew I wanted to take things slow and soak it all in. This program to me wasn’t about just passing the tests or questioning whether this submission would work or not. It was about asking questions and getting good grades, it was about proving that I was right for this job and that I could succeed. There were submissions that I felt confident about and thought would do better but after reading my reviews from my awesome coach, I learned what to look for in flaws. I might not be perfect, but I surely put my heart into these dogs and I can’t thank Paragon and my coaches enough for making this all possible! – Kaila

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