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Complete Cat Groomer Training @ The National Cat Groomers Institute

The National Cat Groomers Institute is an international organization providing membership, training, products and certification for professional cat groomers. Founded in 2007 by Danelle German, the NCGI is dedicated to educating both groomers and cat owners on the special grooming needs of cats. This includes safe and efficient handling techniques, a complete knowledge of feline temperaments, breeds and personalities, correct color terminology, common health issues, and safety, and the ability to provide high-quality grooming services to cats of a variety of temperaments.

The heart of the NCGI’s cat grooming training program is called the “Complete Cat Groomer Training Syllabus.” It is a 10-week distance learning program that can be completed from anywhere! Included are books, DVDs and a series of online courses with video tutorials, lectures, articles, and more. Also included in the program is access to a private Facebook group where you join other students, NCGI staff, and instructors as you are guided through the 10-week program with Q&As, additional videos, experience sharing, and more.

NCGI has a variety of cat grooming resources available:

  • Membership with the NCGI is a great first step for any cat groomers. This includes access to a library of recorded seminars, articles, interviews with CFMGs, client hand-outs, and much more.
  • Books, DVDs, and online courses are all available on specific topics through our webstore.
  • Webinar and seminars at trade shows are accessible to groomers all over the world.
  • Workshops, hands-on and private training get you working on cats with NCGI trainers and certifiers guiding you along the way.

For more information please visit www.nationalcatgroomers.com

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