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Ever changing Pet Industry with Mark Kalaygian

Special Guests

Mark Kalaygian

Mark Kalaygian is the Publishing Director and Editor-in-Chief of Pet Business magazine. He has been covering the pet industry for nearly 20 years, a period in which he has developed a clear expertise on the pet care market and has built valuable relationships with high-level executives at many of the industry’s top retail chains. Contact Mark at mkalaygian@petbusiness.com or 646-274-3649.

Joe Zuccarello interviews Mark Kalaygian of PetBusiness Magazine about the pet industry as a whole.

  • Where can I get trusted sources about the pet industry?
  • How has the past couple of years affected retail stores, ecommerce and grooming salons?
  • How can grooming services positively affect retail salons?

Tune in to find out.

About Joe

Joe Zuccarello is president of the Paragon School of Pet Grooming, leaders in grooming education on campus and online. He possesses more than three decades of experience in the pet grooming, product development and pet business consulting disciplines.
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