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Insurance: Peace of Mind Coverage with Jerry Dubos

Special Guests

Jerry Dubos National Sales Manager at Governor Insurance

Jerry Dubos has been a licensed insurance agent for approximately 30 years and has been the National Sales Manager for the Governor Insurance agency for 15 years now. Having helped to keep his thumb on the pulse of the industry along with Bob Thompson, the Owner of the agency, Jerry has sat on the Board of the PCSA and works with various Associations, schools and businesses throughout the entire Pet industry on making sure your businesses, employees, clients and most importantly your clients animals are protected against any harm or occurrence. Continuously helping to create and design new and improved coverages, as well as always being available for trade shows and seminars, I am sure you will find Jerry's knowledge refreshing and allow you the peace of mind of knowing that you are cared for.

Insurance: Peace of Mind Coverage with Jerry Dubos

In this episode, Joe Zuccarello teams up with Jerry Dubos of Governor Insurance to unpack the inner working of insurance tailored to professional groomers and salons. Pet Groomer Insurance is more than general business coverage; it’s peace of mind!

  • What happens if a dog falls off a grooming table and breaks his leg? Who pays the $7,000 vet bill?
  • What is K-9 Kennel Cough Insurance?
  • What is an umbrella policy, and does it have anything to do with rain?
  • Can you cover loss of income?
  • What happens if a product you sell injures a pet and you’re named in a lawsuit? Who pays the lawyers fees?

Tune In to find out!

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“Hey Joe!” Podcast listeners can take advantage of a special offer by listening to this podcast. Listeners are entitled to a FREE Consultation with Jerry. To learn more about Governor, visit: Governor Insurance


Joe Zuccarello: Welcome to Hey Joe, a podcast answering questions asked by our listeners. Created by pet professionals for pet professionals. And now your host, Hey Joe’s very own Joe Zuccarello.

Joe Zuccarello: What’s up everyone? Joe Zuccarello here, and welcome to Hey Joe, a podcast brought to you by Paragon School of Pet Grooming. Check out our site at ParagonPetSchool.com for lots of really cool information on a variety of programs, products, and to connect to educational resources such as webinars, podcasts, current events, special news, certifications, and lots of other helpful information to help you grow yourself, your team, and of course your business. Let’s get started with this week’s episode.

What’s up everybody, this is Joe Zuccarello, and welcome to another episode of Hey Joe. A couple of questions for you. What happens when something goes wrong in your business? What happens if there’s an accident in your business to you, a pet, or a pet parent? What happens if… You fill in the blank. Now these are all very important questions, and they should be important to you, but they should not scare you. Planning for these situations is actually easier than you ever thought possible, and as long as you know how to protect yourself and your business, you can actually have the piece of mind you need to focus your energy on growing instead of worrying.

Today, we’re talking with Jerry Dubos who represents Governor Insurance. Jerry’s been around for quite some time and has some really great information for you, not only about of course the coverages that company provides, but also just why should you think about proper coverage. And I bet he’s going to open your eyes to quite a few new things that maybe you never even thought you needed. Stick around though til the very end of the podcast to hear about something really cool that Jerry is going to give you just for following up with him about more of his products and services. You can always go to ParagonPetSchool.com to not only subscribe to this podcast if you haven’t already, but also to find out more information about Governor Insurance.

Jerry and I are going to be talking today about piece of mind. A special shout out there to the Hey Joe listener audience for sending us questions about this topic. If you want to submit your question for a possible topic to cover on a future Hey Joe podcast, it’s really easy to do. Just simply email us. I’ll give you the email address. That is HeyJoeQuestions@paragonpetschool.com. And again, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button if you haven’t already. Let’s start talking to Jerry.

What’s up Hey Joe listener podcast audience. This is Joe Zuccarello and I am joined by Jerry Dubos today, and I am very excited to be speaking with Jerry because I’ve known Jerry for a long time, and Jerry is kind of the face and voice, and a really great representative of Governor Insurance. Don’t freak out. Don’t tune out. Insurance is not a boring topic. I guarantee you Jerry is not going to put you to sleep on this podcast. In fact, I think he’s actually going to do just the opposite. I think he’s going to open your eyes to some information that you have to know about your business. It’s kind of a conversation about insurance and coverage, and what you may not know that you need to know. So Jerry, thanks for joining us today.

Jerry Dubos: It’s a pleasure to be with you Joe.

Joe Zuccarello: Jerry, I did a little bit of an introduction of you, but nobody can sing your praises better than yourself, or certainly for your business. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, and your company, and what’s going on over at Governor Insurance?

Jerry Dubos: Sure Joe. I have actually been in the insurance industry for about three decades now, which unfortunately I’m dating myself. But yeah, anybody that knows me out there that have seen me at the various trade shows realizes that I don’t look that old, but needless to say, yeah for about three decades I’ve been in the insurance industry. Working for Governor Insurance now for a little over 15 years. We’re pushing that second decade, and my role with the company basically is that I oversee the pet department, and we’ve got four agents that do nothing daily but work with the pet services industry making sure that people are insured properly, the animals are insured properly, and most importantly, that we keep our thumb on the pulse of the industry so when things change, we’re aware of it to make sure the people are protected.

Joe Zuccarello: Yeah. That’s great. And so Jerry, one of the things I want the Hey Joe listener audience to know is that Governor Insurance specializes and puts a lot of energy behind this industry, and has always supported this industry, and it’s great to hear that you’ve got such a talented team that is focused on this industry. We’re going to kind of circle back to that specialization here in a little bit. One of the things I wanted the Hey Joe listener audience to know is as we’re talking about this insurance coverage, and making sure that you know what you need to know in order to be in a perfect coverage, in a perfect place in your business. One of the things that Jerry is going to make a point on in a little while is just how affordable this proper coverage can be.

One of the things that I’ve often said is what kind of business are we in? Many of the seminars I give I say, “What business are we in?” I get various different answers of, “We’re in the grooming business. We’re in the boarding business. We’re in the pet care business. We’re in the customer service business.” But at the end of the day, we’re in the piece of mind business. Nobody understands piece of mind like insurance coverage. If you’re in the piece of mind business and you’re a dog groomer, the piece of mind business you’re providing and that service you’re providing is to the pet parents. What about your piece of mind?

One of the things that Jerry has keyed me in on, and I’m anxious to talk about this in a little bit, is just how affordable it is. To put it into a currency that my listener audience can understand, you can have all the coverage that you need to give you this piece of mind for the cost of one grooming appointment per month. That’s not per day. It’s not per week. It’s per month. One grooming appointment per month. We’re going to be talking a little bit about that in a little while as well.

Getting back to this whole piece of mind business, as a pet groomer, Jerry, let’s say I’m a pet groomer. Is there anything that you can tell me that insurance does for me other than protecting myself, and my employees, and my clients, that will help me be successful?

Jerry Dubos: Oh, absolutely Joe. One of the biggest things with insurance that people don’t understand is the fact that the lack of having proper insurance causes you to be less sufficient and less effective due to the fact that you’re always concerned if something happens, I could lose my business, or it’s going to cost me money. With the affordability of a basic policy being the equivalent of one groom per month, it gives you that ability to take a look at your situation daily and do what you do, which is groom. One of the best things about it is the grooming industry has actually expanded by leaps and bounds over the decades to where we have individuals that have went from being, “Oh, I’m a groomer,” to, “I’m a professional dog groomer.” And that’s the key.

The grooming industry is a professional industry, and individuals need to understand as professionals, you need to do what you need to do to protect yourself, as well as protect your clients, as well as protect the animals and the things that you’re dealing with. If I were to come with one individual thing, it’s the efficiency and the effectiveness that you can have, and your employees can have, by knowing that I’m doing the right things, I’m trained to do the right thing, and I don’t have to worry or be hesitant on doing things because I’m not quite sure if I’m protected, or if something happens, at that point, will I turn around and possibly lose everything.

Joe Zuccarello: Right.

Jerry Dubos: That’s probably the biggest thing there, Joe.

Joe Zuccarello: Right. You pretty much answered one of my questions was, as you’re looking at this, do you need coverage then for yourself or your business, or yourself and your business, and I guess what if you’re a solo act, Jerry? What if we’re talking… Obviously, I’ve got a lot of Hey Joe listener audiences, and they’re in a variety of different types of business arrangements. Some are mobile groomers, some are individual… maybe they’re home groomers, they go to people’s homes and groom. Or they work in shops, or even large retailers. Most of the time if you’re in an employee of somebody else, how does that work? But I guess my first question is if I’m just a solo act, do I really need the coverage?

Jerry Dubos: Absolutely. And just to give you the premise, anyone that is in business, whether a one person operation, two person operation, 300 person operation, you are in business and you’re providing service. When you’re providing that service, you open yourself up to responsibility. And responsibility can also be synonymous with the word of liability. You’re liable for things that take place on behalf of yourself and your business. And it can cause someone to be taken to court in litigation or damages to take place that you’re responsible for. As a one person operation, we can insure a one person operation that goes from home to home. We’ve got programs in place for mobile grooming that we have created through the years, with specialty coverage for there. But when you do have a individual policy, it’s written for the business, and anybody that is acting on behalf of the business, all of their actions are covered under the policy.

Just to tie it in real quick, a one person operation, they’re covered under the policy. Say Joe you have a grooming business and you have two employees that work for you, anything that they do on behalf of your business, they’re covered under your policy also. It comes down to the fact that if you’re in business, one of the costs of doing business is to make sure that you have insurance coverage, just like you have electric, just like you have equipment, furniture, fixtures, things of that nature.

Joe Zuccarello: All right, so Jerry let’s talk about then, so that we can kind of clear the air, because I bet a lot of our listeners are sitting out there thinking, “Okay, what do you mean by coverage?” You did a really great job there of saying whatever you would do, whatever your employees would do on behalf of the business, but can you just give a 30,000 foot view, a list, right? Without maybe diving too deep. We’ll probably go a little bit deeper into some of these in a little bit. What is that high level list of coverage types? I think you’re going to blow some people away by what types of coverage they should be considering.

Jerry Dubos: Sure. Not a problem. Just to go back real quick here. Going back to 1985, which is definitely a while back, in insurance, you could get insurance as a grooming shop, but there was never any coverage that covered the animals that you work with, nor was there any coverage from a professional standpoint that covered professional groomers. Well, Governor Insurance and Bob Thompson, the owner of the agency, actually sat down and wrote the coverage forms that cover the groomers and the employees for their professional actions that they do. If they injure an animal, it’s now covered. Where before, that was coming out of someone’s pocket.

You also have the coverage of what they call an animal bailee, or an animal floater coverage, that animals are property all across the United States, and if they’re damaged, they need to be repaired, or unfortunately it does happen from time to time where there needs to be replacement. And those are coverages that Bob actually put together back in 1985 to help elevator that policy. Those are special coverages that if you went down the street to a average insurance agent, you’re not going to be able to get those coverages, or you may not even be able to discuss them with the insurance agent because they do not understand the coverages themselves, not are they even aware that they exist.

Now, we also have a special program for mobile grooming that we had put together about 25 years ago. We cover a lot of different facets there, and it’s one of those things where when you have an insurance policy, you have what’s called a basic insurance policy, a business owner’s policy. Covers the business for almost anything and everything that is particular when it comes to general liability or injuries to third parties, which would be your clients. If your clients are injured in any way, shape or form, they’re covered.

We just briefly touch base on the animals themselves, which are super important. And if they’re injured, they’re covered under the basic policy with us as well as if there’s a loss to that animal is covered. We also include in the policy coverage for your equipment, your furniture, your fixtures, things of that nature there, as well as if you own the building, we can insure the building.

One of the biggest things that I point out to people that they’re not aware of and a lot of insurance agents don’t point it out is not only does the basic policy cost the equivalent of one grooming per month, but you also have what’s called legal defense built in, so if someone does want to come in after you and take you to court, you’re not reaching into your pocket either. It’s almost like you have a retainer built into your insurance policy that is going to pay the attorney to go ahead and help you protect of something that’s happened.

Those are some of the big things there. The most recent thing that we came across does help relieve someone, as well as the kennel industry, is Governor Insurance is the only agency in the entire country that can offer K9 cough/kennel cough coverage. And that’s something we’re really proud of because no one in the entire country can write that coverage other than Governor Insurance Agency.

Joe Zuccarello: Wow, so Jerry I kind of look at it… I’m a big fan of when I buy, maybe I buy a new automobile. Depends on who you talk to. Some people have various different angles on this, but I’m a huge fan of extended warranties. Just because I look at it and I say, “Is a repair going to be expensive?” When I’m looking at high end technology, or a brand new vehicle and such, so this is sort of for a business which you’re… And forgive me, because I’m going to use an analogy, but this is almost like bumper to bumper coverage for their business.

Jerry Dubos: You could say bumper to bumper coverage, but just as a normal disclaimer in anything, you’re never ever going to have every single situation covered, but one of the things that we do at Governor Insurance by specializing in this coverage, and having a team that works with this coverage daily, in talking to associations, and trade schools, and attending the trade shows, and speaking at seminars, we try to keep our finger on the pulse of where are gaps in coverage and what needs to be added. When you say bumper to bumper, I would say it can be bumper to bumper, but there are always exclusions in things. But our biggest job that we work for you is we try to make sure that you have complete coverage and the best coverage that’s available, and if there’s something necessary or needed, we have the ability to go to the carriers and create those special coverages so the whole industry can benefit from it.

Joe Zuccarello: Got it. Sure. Okay well thank you for that. As I interview folks just as yourself that have such great depth of experience, I just want to always help to try to relate what it is that your experience is to our Hey Joe listener audience. And real quick, just a matter of reminder to our Hey Joe listener audience, we are speaking to Jerry Dubos, and Jerry’s with Governor Insurance. You can find out all of the information on Governor Insurance by visiting their webpage, which is GovernorINS.com. That’s GovernorINS.com, and of course you can always visit the ParagonPetSchool.com webpage to be connected directly to Governor’s information as well.

Just a quick reminder, if you want to follow along, go to the website and follow along. Their information is very in-depth and very informative, but also very easy to understand. And remember that if you have not already clicked subscribe to this podcast, we highly recommend that you do so, and these types of questions come from our listener audience. Along the way if you have questions that you would like addressed or answered, please submit those to our email address, HeyJoeQuestions@ParagonPetSchool.com.

So just a really quick reminder, we’re talking to Jerry about insurance coverage, and kind of this whole concept of piece of mind. So you’re not worrying about am I covered, and you have this fear factor involved your daily routine or your daily activities. It’s more so allowing you to then have the freedom to grow your business without that worry kind of clouding over your head.

Jerry, you touched on… Just being able to kind of go down the street to a local agent. Obviously, I would image, I hope that most of the Hey Joe listener audience out there are covered by some form of insurance, but you touched on the fact that not every local insurance agent is going to know about everything that that… this particular audience, this particular career or industry needs to know about. Can you expand a little bit more on that, and can a business owner have multiple agents? Is this kind of an all in one kind of deal? What do you see happening out there?

Jerry Dubos: Let me just try to dissect a little bit of what you said there, and maybe just an example I think would be great at this time for people to understand. When you look at the insurance industry, I do a comparison with health insurance, or people’s general health. If someone has a problem and their knee hurts, they can go to a general practitioner, which I put as the equivalent of any insurance agent out there. And they can take a look at it, and yeah they can treat you, and they can provide a service for you, and do something for you, but they may not be able to fix the problem. They’re going to give you a suggestion, we can do this, that or the other thing, whereas a general insurance agent may not be aware of specialties that are needed to fix a problem, or be aware of the fact that there are specialty coverages for your specific industry.

Going back to that doctor where you’re knee’s hurting, they may prescribe something for pain or inflammation, and say, “Yeah, let’s see what happens,” and take an x-ray. Well eventually it has to get the point where they say, “You know what? I don’t specialize in what’s wrong with your knee, so you really need to go to someone that has more tools, and more knowledge, and is specifically involved in fixing and repairing the knee to help eliminate the pain and make you more efficient.” The same exact thing goes on the insurance side.

There are a lot of insurance agents out there. Can they write a general business policy? Absolutely. Any property and casualty insurance agent can write an insurance policy for you. But it’s what’s in that policy that is important. You have a general coverage package that any insurance agent can write for you, but it’s the specific coverages of the pets themselves, the professional liability, the K9 cough, loss of business income on mobile operations, the conversions of your mobile operations, those are the things that you need to go to a specialist because that general insurance agent out there may not know about them because you may be only one person that is a groomer, and they really don’t know anything about grooming.

Now, at the Governor Insurance agency here, we have over 8,000 policy holders all across the United States. We’re licensed in 48 states. We can go ahead and offer that coverage to everyone across the country. That’s the difference between going down the street to a general insurance agent to write a business policy, or going to a specialist that’s going to be able to give you the most up-to-date coverages that are available for your specialty.

Joe Zuccarello: Right. Wow. I love the comparison you make there to the doctor and the knee type of situation. I think that that will resonate very loudly with our audience. Jerry, one of the things that’s always impressed me about you and Governor Insurance as well is at Paragon School of Pet Grooming, we believe that education is everything. And that people will continue to learn and be able to hone their craft, to perfect their skills by becoming more educated. We definitely believe that nobody ever stops learning, but what we also believe is that there’s a lot of information that’s out there, a lot of things that are on the internet, a lot of… just a lot of noise, Jerry. And there’s a lot of myths, there’s a lot of fear that’s put into people that maybe they can’t afford this. Let’s revisit that concept of one groom per month. Being kind of… I said earlier, kind of the currency for our listener audience out there to kind of equate it or draw and equivalent to how much is this going to cost them.

As we’re talking about education, Jerry, one of the things that we’re definitely aligned on is there’s a certain degree of education and just being aware, but having the correct information fed to you, or provided to you. You want to take a little bit of a deeper dive. Let’s maybe unpack that whole one average groom per month type of affordability.

Jerry Dubos: Sure. Absolutely, Joe. Just to break it down, let’s go back to the scenario, Joe, that you said you’re opening a grooming shop, and you may be a one, two, three person operation. And I’m going to give just the general scenario of what we see. You open up a grooming shop, the majority of the time you’re renting a space. So you don’t need to insure the building or anything like that. We’re going to talk about a general business policy and what’s packaged in it.

In that policy, which I’m going to go right to the backend so people understand. That one average groom a month, a general business policy that covers the business itself is going to run you approximately $50 or so per month. At a $50 bill, you’re going to get a plethora of coverage that is going to give you that piece of mind feeling, that is going to not only keep you professional, but keep you effective and efficient. In that policy, you’re going to have a million dollar limit on your general liability that covers any third party, which is people coming into your shop. So if someone comes into your shop, slips and falls and get hurt, and they want to sue you, you’re covered up to a million dollars.

The second that I want to tell you about is your business equipment, your blades, your chairs, your tables, your chairs, your furniture, your fixtures. All of that is covered under the policy. If a fire were to break out, it’s covered at a replacement cost value. You don’t have to worry about that loss to your place. You’re also going to have coverage for a big thing, which is loss of income. If something happens to that building, say it does catch on fire and you can’t groom out of that building, it’s built into your policy that you will be paid your loss of income while they’re replacing that building or repairing that building. And that’s called a business income coverage that a lot of people don’t talk about.

Product liability. If you’re selling things out of the grooming shop, shampoos, dog foods, leashes, anything of that nature there, and something happens, and you end up getting named into a suit because you sold somebody else’s product, you’re also covered under that policy.

Going back to the animals, which are really, really the biggest and most important thing. Anytime those animals are in your care, custody and control, that’s your livelihood. You want them protected. And those are the two specialty coverages of what’s called professional liability. It covers the animals for injuries up to that million dollar level. So it will cover that bill if a dog accidentally gets off of the table and breaks a leg, and there’s a $7,000 vet bill. You’re not paying for it. It’s covered under your professional liability all the way up to a million dollars for negligence.

The animal itself, as I said before, unfortunately sometimes it happens. They, for some reason or another, pass away while they’re in your care, or they get loose and run out, and something happens where they may get hit by a car or something. These are things that do happen throughout the years that we’ve seen. You have coverage to replace that animal with a like kind new animal for the owner, and the nice part about it is, anything that takes place when the claim is filed, you’re not dealing one-on-one with the client. The insurance company is trained to do what needs to be done to handle the claim, so you’re not paying out of your pocket for legal fees or anything, and you’ve got people that are working for your best interests to get you up and running again. That’s your basic insurance business policy.

Now, just to go one step further, Joe, just with a real quick caveat. There are other coverages that businesses will need, and if they have employees, they do need to have workers’ compensation coverage to cover injuries to employees because a general business policy covers injuries to third parties, not to employees. That would be an additional policy outside of that basic one groom a month that we’re talking about. But if you have no employees, there’s really no need on the workers comp side to have that type of policy. But if you do, we also offer that.

Joe Zuccarello: So Jerry, one of the things that I want to make sure that we make a very good point with, and I mean, wow, the menu of coverage there is very impressive, especially for the cost. But one of things that I, I want to make sure that we talk with the Hey Joe listener about… One of the things I wanted to point out was just because you have insurance does not give you a license to be reckless. Because while you do have now this really strong support network, this really great coverage, a safety net as you would, while you may not be directly talking with the pet parent about getting the coverage and getting compensated, and all of that, you do still have a cost to your business, which is that whole relationship factor, that piece of mind. That’s the business, again, circling back to those words, that’s the business that we’re in and that you’re providing to the pet parents.

So, it’s that whole relationship that that’s where building a strong relationship built on trust with the pet parents is so important, but at the end of the day, accidents, and that’s what this is all about. Accidents. Not a reckless behavior in such, but accidents. Reckless behavior, to some degree, is probably a topic for another conversation. But it’s probably, to some degree, covered as well. But I can tell that your business won’t necessarily have much livelihood long-term if that’s how you operate anyway. So what we’re talking about are reasonable and responsible pet care professionals and the relationship with the pet parent.

Boy, just even to think about a dog running out the front door and something bad happening to it, or a fire, or any of these disastrous things that could happen to a business. You still have to talk about those things, and it’s unfortunate, but that’s reality. You plan for the worst, and I think then by being reasonable and responsible, those things will never come to fruition. The investment in piece of mind, the investment in coverage is key.

Jerry, one of the really cool things that all of our podcast guests bring to the table is something they can offer the Hey Joe listener audience as sort of like an exclusive. Some kind of really special offer, some special consideration in order to maybe followup with you and talk to you about this. The very first thing is I want to remind people we’re talking to Governor Insurance, and we’re talking to Jerry Dubos, and you can access any of Jerry or Governor’s Insurance information by visiting their website at GovernorINS.com, or you can always go to ParagonPetSchool.com and find the links there on the podcast page.

But one of the really cool parts is is that Jerry has made a really special offer to the Hey Joe listener office to provide a free, yep, that’s free, consultation visit. The idea is is just like I told Jerry earlier, and Jerry, you used a great analogy using a doctor, so I’ll use it again. You never lie to your doctor. Not a great idea to lie to your doctor. But I think also to provide a clear and truthful information to your insurance provider I think is also as important. What Jerry is saying, hey come, let’s talk, and share with me what type of person you are, what type of business you have, what your current coverages are, and Jerry can say, “Listen, yeah you’re covered.” Right? I bet you have conversations with people all the time and say, “Yeah, you’re covered.” But I bet most of the time if they are covered by traditional agents or traditional policies, they’re not specialized. Even as an a la carte or piece meal, Jerry, that’s huge.

I know that as a freelance consultant, I know that rates… And I’ve got attorney friends, I’ve got doctor friends, I’ve got various different specialists. That type of consultation is worth hundreds of dollars in value, so I would encourage the Hey Joe listener audience to take Jerry up on this. Let’s make Jerry busy by having some of these consultations. I don’t think it’s a waste of… I know it’s not a waste of Jerry’s time, and I know it’s not a waste of the Hey Joe listener audience’s time.

Jerry, we probably have to start wrapping it up because I know that our Hey Joe listener audience listeners are very busy. But one of the things that again, that we… A term we throw around Paragon a lot is, “Education is everything.” Do you have some parting words for our listener audience before they pick up the phone, or connect on their computer and email you, to just speak about continuing their education.

Jerry Dubos: Absolutely, Joe. In the decade and a half that I’ve been involved in the pet industry, day after day, one of the things that I do notice is people do get complacent. I get complacent, Joe. I’m sure there’s times you get complacent. Everyone tends to get complacent and get into a comfortable level. But unfortunately in this day and age, comfort doesn’t make people be able to maximize themselves or their businesses. And if you get into a comfort level where you think you are just comfortable doing what you do, when you do it, and making the amount of money that you make, that’s fine, but you really want to strive to be the best at your craft and continue to grow.

I do definitely notice education is one of the big things. Attend the seminars. Go to the trade shows. Go to webinars. Education is important. Going back to the free consultation that we will offer the Hey Joe listeners, myself and the agents that are in our office have anywhere from one to three decades of working specifically just with the pet services industry, and as new groomers or new individuals to the industry, or someone that has even been in the industry four or five years, talking to your insurance agent or taking advantage of the Governor Insurance consultation, with the thousands of people that we talk to annually, we could help educate individuals on their needs and what is out there, and what happens to other people, and what they need to do to get to the level that everybody is increasing themselves to.

Instead of stagnating, education is the big piece. You need to continue to search for education. Paragon school? Absolutely. Now webinars that are out there, trade shows, seminars, anything that you can learn something from is going to benefit you, and I could pretty much give a guarantee that on the private consultation with Governor Insurance and one of their agent, they will be able to answer questions or provide you with information that you would say, “Wow, I didn’t realize I needed that, nor did I realize that was even available.”

Joe Zuccarello: Or affordable. Right?

Jerry Dubos: Absolutely. Or affordable. For that, that’s really what I would leave the table with on today’s podcast is the fact that education truly, truly is important, and you can learn from every single person that you talk to in the industry.

Joe Zuccarello: Great. Jerry, you know one of the things I think we should do, we’re going to definitely have to get back together because there’s some things I would even like to further unpack, but I’m going to ask our Hey Joe listener audience to respond to this podcast, excuse me, and ask questions. Maybe to either learn more about this particular topic, or another topic that is on their mind. And it’s very simple. This podcast does thrive on contributions and questions that we get from our listener audience. If you want to hear a topic that might be of interest to you, a question you want answered with a future Hey Joe podcast guest, it’s very simple. Simply email us at, the email address is HeyJoeQuestions@ParagonPetSchool.com. That’s HeyJoeQuestions@ParagonPetSchool.com

Jerry, thank you again for helping us and our audience today. I know that your information will be extremely valuable and helpful to them well into the future.

Jerry Dubos: I definitely appreciate the opportunity, and I look forward to helping to provide the information necessary so people can truly, truly understand their craft even better, and know that, “Hey, things need to be done, and they need to be done properly. And insurance is one of those things that you definitely need to have.”

Joe Zuccarello: Perfect. Jerry, thank you again. Take care, and to all of the Hey Joe listener audience, we’ll talk soon.

About Joe

Joe Zuccarello is president of the Paragon School of Pet Grooming, leaders in grooming education on campus and online. He possesses more than three decades of experience in the pet grooming, product development and pet business consulting disciplines.

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