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Amber Green

Amber Green knew since she was little that she wanted to work with animals and help them in some way. After completing Paragon’s On-Campus bather program, she immediately began working at Whiskers Resort and Pet Spa. Recently, she decided to progress through Paragon’s Distance Learning program to advance her career as a professional groomer.

I chose Paragon Distance Learning for the good, hands-on experience to boost my grooming career. It fits great into my work schedule and I have a great mentor I can ask all kinds of questions and have them answered. I want to work side by side with great groomers that will help further my career and someday become a Certified Master Groomer.
- Amber Green, Whiskers Resort and Pet Spa

About Amber Green

Amber Green was a student of Paragon's Distance Learning Program. See her work at Whiskers Resort and Pet Spa!
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