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Ignacio Garcia

Kudos to Power Watcher Ignacio Garcia with 225 Points!

Ignacio Garcia from Zeus Pet Grooming is a “power watcher” in the Learn2GroomDogs.com community! The Miami, FL groomer has earned his 225 badge. Ignacio took a moment to share his favorite things about Learn2GroomDogs.com

Tell us the story of your passion for grooming:

First of all thank you

I love animals and working with them. I love seeing the transformation I give the different types of breed.

How long have you been a Learn2GroomDogs.com member?

I have been using Learn2GroomDogs.com for 2 years.

What are some of your favorite video tutorials?

I love the video grooming of the cocker spaniel and standard poodle. I just love them all and love to see the reaction I get from my students.

How has Learn2GroomDogs.com helped you grow as a groomer?

It has help me improve the techniques I have learned through years of being a groomer.

Where can we see your work?

You can find me and see my work in Instagram zeus_petgrooming

About Ignacio Garcia

Ignacio Garcia has been a member of Learn2GroomDogs.com since 2020. See his work at Zeus Petgrooming!
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