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Lynn Dornbush

Lynn has always loved working with animals. She worked for 14 years at a Veterinarian Hospital and needed a change. She was starting her family and wanted to have more control over her schedule and to be her own boss. She decided to go to Paragon and become a Groomer. She graduated in 2001 and felt prepared and supported by the instructors to start her own grooming business out of her home. She said there were many instructors and they were always helpful and available to advise and correct her if she didn’t get something right.

To this day she hears her instructors voice when she is grooming. She walked around her community with flyers to promote her business and within a couple of weeks she had a full client list. She did so well she decided to open her own business in a strip mall with another Paragon graduate. They loved it and had so much business she had to turn customers away! But with her little ones schedules needing her more and more she soon realized that she preferred working from her home. She moved to a new home and had a new salon built in her basement. Once again through word of mouth in no time she had a full client list and the flexibility to manage her schedule and go camping with her kids in the summer.

About Lynn Dornbush

Lynn Dornbush graduated from Paragon in 2001. See her work at Lynn's Pet Spa!
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