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‘Twas the Week Before Christmas

Welcome to my blog!  For the next few weeks, my marketing expert, Joelle Asmondy, will be filling in for me while I work on a large project.  Joelle is a whiz with marketing.  I can’t wait to see which helpful tidbits she shares with you!  Enjoy!

It’s the week before Christmas and everyone rushes
from Bichons to Shih Tzu’s with clippers and brushes.

Tis our busiest season and everyone knows it.
We’re stressed and we’re tired – though nobody shows it!

The shop is set up to be warm and inviting
and we’re all so grateful that no dogs are biting!

With bathers in aprons and stylists in smocks,
our team is assembled and watching the clocks

when out in the lobby arose such a clatter
we ran to the front to see what was the matter.

With leashes in hand, we kenneled pups safely,
(We never take chances with anyone’s safety!)

Our beautiful lobby, once tidy and neat
was now complete chaos with guests on their feet.

The source of the barking and noise was no grander
than just a big dog with delusions of grandeur.

A big ol’ sweet mixed breed so lively and quick,
we knew in a moment he must be “Saint Nick.”

“Saint Nick” is just “Nicky” but everyone knows
the kind of behavior he typically shows:

“Down Nicky! Don’t eat that! Get back here! Stop hissin’!
Don’t do that! Stop barking! Why won’t you please listen?!”

From the top of her lungs her owner did shout,
“Now stop it at once or I’ll take you back out!!”

With legs like a hurricane Nicky did fly
to each couch, chair, and person who stood closely by.

He tangled up leashes, to laptops he flew.

He knocked them aside – stepped on their dogs, too!

And then when we thought he was settling down,
he jumped, and he barked, and spread drool all around.

We all scrambled to help and use calming voices
before customers wished they had made different choices.

Saint Nicky was filthy, from his head to his toes
and his hair was all matted (you know how it goes).

A shoe lace of slobber completed the mess
and where it would land was anyone’s guess.

His eyes – how they twinkled! His dog tags, how clinky!
His coat – how atrociously pelted and stinky!

His sweet little mouth was drawn up in a grin.
We wondered just what in the heck he’d rolled in!

His stump of a tail knocked bystanders down
as he turned, and he dashed, and he slobbered around.

He shredded a jacket with teeth like a knife –
it’s clear he was having the time of his life.

Nick’s owner was clearly in over her head –
her own hair in tangles, her face turning red.

(She’d given no training and took no advice
And now this poor woman was paying the price.)

We got Nicky settled and gave him a bath
and cleaned up the messes he left in his path.

At the end of it all, he shone like a champ.
(We did the best possible – he was still slightly damp.)

He ran to his master, who gave us a smile.
We knew she would need to rest up for a while.

But we heard her say exclaim she drove out of sight –
I’m so sorry ’bout that! Please have a good night!”

Make it a great day!

~Joelle Asmondy


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