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Paragon School of Pet Grooming

Paragon….not only does it stand for excellence, it is what the word ‘Paragon’ actually means.  And excellence is the driving force throughout the company and the entire team of educators who helps every student when they enroll in one of our programs.  The grooming skills training may be delivered to the student online, but the individual personal touch we provide each student is what makes Paragon so special.
Excellence exists in many areas of a professional pet groomer’s career, not just their skills.  While skills are very important, so is the professional groomer’s customer experience capabilities, safety, and efficiency….all original tenets of Melissa Verplank’s original vision for this profession when she began the school 30 years ago.
Whether you are an individual student looking to change careers or begin a new one, or you are a grooming business owner looking to grow your business by growing your own groomers, Paragon is an excellent and most compete choice.
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Our curriculum is rooted in the unmatched experience and teachings of industry icon Melissa Verplank, who is a sought-after public speaker, international judge, Certified Master Groomer, successful entrepreneur, and author. The Paragon team is hand-picked from the best of industry experts. Our textbooks feature beautifully illustrated content that delivers the most unique, in-depth, and comprehensive learning experience available.


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