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Thank Goodness for Doodles!

If you missed our Facebook LIVE on “Thank Goodness for Doodles” or would like more resources on becoming a successful and profitable doodle-groomer, here are a few resources that will help you achieve your goal!

Doodles Are Job Security – Melissa Verplank  weighs in on why Doodles Are Job Security – Watch the Video

Fair Pricing – The Large Dog – Melissa Verplank discusses the importance of pricing large dogs in your grooming business – Watch the Video

Doodle Grooming Roundup – from Paragon’s “Groominar® Network” at Learn2GroomDogs.com:  In our “Doodle” round up, members can find “Groominars®” – instructional videos – on the following topics (and more!): Doodle Roundup

  • Low maintenance Doodle trims,
  • Handling Wire Haired Doodles,
  • Tips for Thick Coated Doodles
  • Basic Doodle Body Patterns,
  • Doodle Head Styling
  • Stylized Doodles trim and even how to
  • Style a Labradoodle Like a Portuguese Water Dog

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