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Whether you choose to study online with Paragon’s excellent Distance Learning Program, or attend our On Campus Programs at the Paragon School of Pet Grooming, we will make sure you get the very best education. We have a variety of plans to help you make your career in dog grooming a reality. Remember, an investment in yourself is one of the best investments you can make!

Online Distance Learning Program Tuition – How It Works

  • You may choose to study Level 1, 2 or 3 individually, or bundle Level 1 & 2 for best value.
  • You may select to pay in full for the Level 1&2 package for a further $175 discount, or pay in three monthly installments, which will be billed to your credit card.
  • You will also need to purchase a book bundle and tool kit for your first course, and an expansion tool kit for higher levels.
  • We’ve collected everything you need together on one easy Enrollment form.
level 1 online dog grooming course enrollment


level 2 online dog grooming course enrollment


levels 1 and 2 online dog grooming course enrollment



On Campus Tuition – How It Works

Students who wish to apply for the Paragon School of Pet Grooming On Campus programs need to first complete an online application form, pay an application fee, and complete an assignment to receive admission. No previous experience is required and students must be 18 years of age or a high school graduate.

  • Tuition may be paid in full by cash, check or credit card
  • Students may apply for tuition financing from Paragon (requires a $175 deposit)
  • Students may apply for State Funding

On Campus Pet Grooming Courses

Groom Tech Program - 200 Hours

$2,995 Tuition

Pet Groomer Program - 400 Hours

$5,995 Tuition

Pet Stylist Program- 600 Hours

$7,295 Tuition
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