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Paragon School of Grooming and our parent company, Melissa Verplank Enterprises, are innovators who bring new products and service to market for the grooming community.

The Eighth Annual IBPSA Pet Care Services Conference & Trade Show


Join our very own Paragon Vice President, Joe Zuccarello, at the IBPSA Pet Care Services Conference and Trade Show for two of his webinars!

“Grooming 101 – Part 1; People Potential”

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Having a hard time finding people to staff your grooming business?  So is everyone else!  The good news is, there’s a solution and it is better than trying to find and hire Groomers!  Joe will break down the roles associated with a successful grooming business that will cause you to look at your Grooming Team in a much different way than you ever thought you would!  Everyone plays a role in a successful grooming business and Joe will demonstrate how you can have the best blend of talent that generates the best culture and best results!

“Grooming 101 – Part 2; Profit Potential”

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Can a grooming station generate $100k in revenue?  YES!  Can a grooming business be profitable?  YES!  Joe will tackle the difficult topics like compensation, pricing, and productivity.  Done right, the right equation can result in much bigger profit potential than you ever thought!

Join Joe at this year’s IBPSA virtual conference will be held September 29-October 1, 2020.


  • IBPSA Members: $199
  • Non-Members:     $249

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Grooming has exploded ever since the COVID pandemic hit.  Nationwide, pet care facilities are reporting  extreme surge in in demand for grooming services that has yet to decline.  NOW is the time to re-think Grooming, whether you currently offer the service or not!

Our  very own Joe Zuccarello has partnered with National Kennel Sales and Appraisals to bring this virtual learning course about how to add a profitable grooming service to your facility or how to re-structure your existing one to make it easier to manage and again, PROFITABLE!  This is an incredible opportunity to learn how to provide Grooming in the right structure and avoid (or stop!) all the headaches typically associated with this service.

If you’re wondering whether to attend or not, consider these questions:

  • Do you have a grooming business, but, it seems to give you more problems than profit?
  • Do you see potential in a grooming business but just don’t know how to launch?
  • Are you paying more than 40% in grooming wages?
  • Do you know what the best compensation method is?  Salary?  Hourly?
  • Are you comfortable with ’selling’ or struggle with the stigma?
  • Would you like to generate 20%, 30%, 40% or more in profit?

A “YES!” answer to any of these questions is your reason to attend this 3 session course!

SESSION ONE: To Groom or Not to Groom?! Thursday, August 20th

The Revenue Potential for Grooming Services
How to launch
Stopping problems, adding profits
The formula for a profitable grooming business
Key ingredients of success
The impact of grooming on your business during the pandemic

SESSION TWO: Recommending with Conviction  Thursday, August 27th
Overcoming the stigma of ’selling’
How  to generate 20%, 30%, 40% or more in profits
Selling add-on services to Grooming

SESSION THREE: Profit Power of Grooming   Thursday, September 3rd
Staff Roles and Compensation
Methods and rates of groomer compensation
Analyze groomer talents and how to best use them
How to find, and grow, groomers

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Webinar: The Power of the Bath Ft. Joe Zuccarello & The Dog Gurus

Who knew there was a way to GROW your grooming business AND your grooming team that was MUCH easier than looking for groomers?!

Well, there IS! And you have the chance to learn how.

  • Shouldn’t grooming help you grow your overall pet care business
  • Shouldn’t grooming be more profitable?
  • Shouldn’t grooming be easier to staff?

The answer to all of these questions is YES! It should! Join us for our grooming webinar workshop and learn how YOU can have a stronger grooming business.

Normally $99, this workshop is now only $79, but hurry….space is limited.


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Paragon is Going National

The Paragon School of Pet Grooming is excited to announce a new era of educational excellence. We have transitioned to a totally digital learning platform!

Together, with our membership platform, Learn2GroomDogs.com, Paragon will expand online learning resources for professional pet groomers across the globe.

The move is a natural extension for us. In 2008, Paragon introduced our first home study program. In 2018, innovative changes were made to those programs to improve and enhance the learning experience.

Today, students learn online with Paragon’s structured training system. The Paragon team works closely with individuals. Salon owners. And corporate stores. The programs have received impressive reviews. We have helped hundreds of students learn how to groom, while never leaving their hometown.

Established in 2011, Learn2GroomDogs.com has a robust video library. Currently, we have over 1,000 streaming lessons taught by top grooming experts. Whether you are a beginning groomer or a seasoned pro, the library has something for everyone.

The on-campus division of Paragon was closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, a difficult decision was made. We have permanently closed our hands-on training center in Jenison, Michigan.

We have loved our “face-time” with the West Michigan community. We’ve enjoyed pampering local pups in the training of our talented alumni.

Thanks to Paragon’s rich history, there are plenty of skilled groomers in West Michigan. They are well-equipped to assist clients who frequented the school for their pet’s grooming needs.

According to Joe Zuccarello, Paragon’s Vice President, “By concentrating on our digital platforms, we feel we can best serve today’s learner.”

“Closing the physical campus of the Paragon Pet School is bittersweet. It has been the foundation – and progression – of our curriculum for 28 years,” said Melissa Verplank, our Founder. “However, the move makes sense. It highlights our commitment to our goals for digital expansion.”

If you are interested in learning how to become a professional pet groomer, we invite you to explore the Paragon Distance Learning Program. Current groomers should watch for opportunities to build your knowledge and grow your skillset through video lessons, virtual short-courses, workshops, and webinars.

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