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Essly Olvera

This Rising Star Emerged From Paragon Already Grooming Like A Pro

Meet Rising Star and Pet Groomer Grad Essly Olvera of Pet Supplies Plus in Sacramento, California! Essly’s work throughout the Groom Tech and Pet Groomer program was nothing short of excellent. We were also really impressed by her drive to learn as much as she can: the mark of a lifelong student and an invaluable trait for a groomer!

Her mentor Liz Thompson “Essly is a freshly completed Pet Groomer through the Distance Learning Program! Essly showcased lots of determination to get through the courses and learn from each and every dog that they sent in for support. I was blown away with Essly’s stylized legs submission recently as the two pups were both beautifully prepped, the pattern lines were set in correctly and the outlines of overall groom were clean and tidy! Essly has displayed a lot of growth in this program and they will accomplish even more in this career as time goes by. We are so proud of you Essly!”

Why did you choose dog grooming as a career?

I started off going to school to be a vet and I needed some pet experience. To accomplish this I tried grooming and I fell in love with it immediately! I hope to expand my knowledge and make my grooming even better! Grooming has always been fun for me and I hope to keep it that way while helping others out!

What did you enjoy most during your coursework?

I enjoyed seeing myself make lots of progress and being proud of my work! I also enjoyed forming bonds with dogs – especially those that were anxious. Making them feel safe is important to me so they can stay in the best shape and keep on coming to pay me visits 🙂

Where can we see your work?

I like to put my work on my Instagram highlights: @essly. You can also see my work at Pet Supplies Plus grooming – they post my work on Instagram here @petsuppliesplussacramento.

What are your future goals?

I hope to perfect my grooming and be able to learn some cool patterns! I hope to keep on helping people with their dogs and see them walk out of the salon with smiles on their faces 🙂

Any advice for aspiring groomers?

When you feel like giving up don’t because you’ve made it this far and you’re almost there! When something bad happens it does for a reason just keep on trying and don’t give up! Confidence is key!

About Essly Olvera

Essly Olvera graduated Paragon's Distance Learning Program in 2023. See her work at Pet Supplies Plus!
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