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Jessica Forbes

Meet Rising Star and Pet Groomer Grad Jessica Forbes from the Posh Pet Hotel in West Palm Beach, FL! Her work on Stylized Legs turned heads for the Paragon Mentor team!

From Mentor Jen McCarthy:
Jessica has been an easy student as far as she never really needed a lot of support from me. She reads everything thoroughly, she strives to do her best, she is a hard worker, and she takes feedback well and applies it to her grooms. She got great grades throughout her whole program, and even got a 99% overall on her Stylized Leg trims which is difficult to accomplish! She definitely has a natural talent for grooming that I know will grow as she gains more and more experience. Very proud of Jess!

Why did you choose dog grooming as a career?

I wanted to become a dog groomer to promote healthy habits and inform people about ways to better care for their furry friends.

What did you enjoy most during your coursework?

What I enjoyed the most about my coursework was learning all the new techniques to enhance the overall quality of my work.

Where can we see your work?

In the near future, after I put together more of my work, I plan on starting a Instagram page to showcase what I can do.

What are your future goals?

For now I just want to practice my skills and grow my client base. But who knows what the future holds.

Any advice for aspiring groomers?

It takes a lot of patience and focus but if it’s something you truly love doing stick with it.

About Jessica Forbes

Jessica Forbes graduated Paragon's Distance Learning Program in 2022. See her work at Posh Pet Hotel!
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