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Sydney Pierce

This Rising Star Proved To Be One of Paragon's Most Dedicated Learners

Meet Rising Star and Groom Tech Grad Sydney Pierce of Canine Republic in Plano, Texas! We can tell that Sydney truly loves grooming and working with animals, and we can’t wait to see what she does next!

Her Mentor Jilly Mucciarone has nothing but praise, telling us Sydney worked harder than any student she’s ever had to improve her skills. “Her hard work paid off and her skills grew consistently after every practice groom critique. She remained focused and communicative and went through the level very quickly. I can’t wait to see her work in the Pet Groomer course – her growth throughout the Groom Tech program was stellar!”

Why did you choose dog grooming as a career?

I’ve always wanted a career where I could be surrounded by animals, with dogs always being my top choice. I started working at a doggy daycare and knew it was something I wanted to continue being part of. I found an interest in grooming pups and being able to learn more about our best friends!

What did you enjoy most during your coursework?

I really enjoyed the bathing and brushing process on all different coat types. Watching their transformation from an oily coat to a clean and healthy coat really brought me joy, and knowing the parents were happy also made me smile!

Where can we see your work?

Currently, I do not have a platform showing my grooming work, but soon I plan to create a place to showcase my growth!

Any advice for aspiring groomers?

Don’t let your mistakes bring you down, it might be disappointing to not get it right on try one, but you can only learn by allowing yourself to make mistakes and not hide from them.

About Sydney Pierce

Sydney Pierce graduated Paragon's Distance Learning Program in 2023. See her work at Canine Republic!
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