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Student Gift Pre-Payment

Give the gift of a successful and lucrative career! Many of our students receive financial support from parents, partners, or benefactors to help them get started on their journey to groomer greatness. We’ve created a Store Credit system to allow supporters to gift any amount to be used when the student registers for their program. Store Credit can be used for Tuition, Toolkits and Book Bundles!

Help Your Student Get a Great Start

Purchase a Pre-Paid Gift Credit

• Every student is assigned a Industry-Leading Mentor who will coach them every step of the way

• Our platform is flexible and easy to use

• Paragon’s award-winning curriculum is trusted by thousands of grooming operations across North America

• The Paragon Team is devoted to student success and our alumni are found among business-owners, groom unit managers, and trainers.

Fund Your Student

How It Works

  1. Determine the amount you’d like to pre-fund.
  2. Enter the Amount & Purchase the Gift Card. When you enter your recipient’s email address, you can choose when you’d like the gift notification sent.
  3. The gift recipient will then follow a link to the site, select their course, tools and books, and enter their unique gift card code to apply it to their order. The purchase of the course or bundle will activate their start in the learning platform, and they will receive a welcome letter and introduction to their personal mentor.

Note: Use the Store Credit only if you’re a parent, partner or non-business benefactor.
If you’re a Grooming Business that wishes to train a new or existing employee, please enroll in our Sponsor Program:

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