Off Site Training


Home study (otherwise known as Distance Learning) courses are available for students who can’t spend time away from home for training.  Packages for tools and textbooks for Home Study programs are also available to save time shopping around for equipment and materials.

All certificate and diploma Home Study programs from The Paragon School of Pet Grooming are licenses through the Michigan Department of Education.  A comprehensive three-level instructional program is designed to assist students in launching their career as a professional pet groomer. The Paragon Training Coaches work systematically with students every step of the way in their self-directed, home-study training.*

The Paragon Training Team provides expert assistance in executing the techniques outlined in Notes From the Grooming Table and Theory of Five using a wide variety of dogs via a comprehensive set of video lessons. Using text books and Hands-On Pet Grooming Techniques DVDs, or a membership to, students will also receive The Paragon Pet Grooming Study Guide and Workbooks that will guide them through the entire program, step by step.

*Practice pets need to be supplied by the student.

Home Study programs include:

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