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Tale of Two Students – Mother & Daughter Duo Learn Professional Grooming Online with Paragon Distance Learning Program

Mother and daughter duo, Lisa and Taylor Worden, chose Paragon’s Distance Learning Program to launch their family businesses in tandem. Worden’s Pet Resort and Taylor’s Tubs & Tails in Big Rapids, MI launched in December. Lisa had a vision of a pet resort with grooming available, and Taylor had a love for grooming. Together, their businesses are ramping up.

“Things are fantastic…people are very excited to have boarding and grooming together,” said Lisa, who added that word-of-mouth and social media have helped get her pet boarding facility up and running.

Their journey began last fall when Lisa decided to go ahead with a lifelong dream of opening a dog boarding facility.

“All our facilities here take good care of their boarded pets but not how I would like my pets to be taken care of. I wanted to give them a spacious outdoor space and an at-home feel inside. I also didn’t like how the pets smelled after a stay. Mind you, my pets are farm pets so they get dirty and I love that, however, that “kennel” smell not so much. So I wanted a wash station put in so I could clean them up and possibly hire a groomer to come in my facility, that’s where my daughter comes in,” she said.

Growing up, Taylor groomed all the dogs, cats, horses, cows and pigs on the Worden homestead for the 4-H program. As a busy young adult with a full-time job, it was her idea to look online for a professional grooming program to help make their dream come true. She was delighted to find Paragon.

“The program worked great with my schedule. I would not have been able to become a groomer if I had to take the traditional route,” Taylor said.

“My goal was to have my own grooming business and I completed that goal and I’m just excited to continue to learn and get better at grooms.”

Kudos to the Worden mother-and-daughter team for following their dreams!

Worden’s Pet Resort & Taylor’s Tub and Tails is located at 21367 17 Mile Rd in Big Rapids, Michigan 49307. Call – (231) 527-8029 for information.

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