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Survey Questions

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  1. The quality of my overall Paragon education was:0
  2. The engagement level I received from my Paragon Mentor was:0
  3. The critiques given to me by my Paragon Mentor were thorough and I was able to apply those tips immediately:0
  4. My Paragon Mentor was able to answer my questions or direct me to where I could find the answer:0
  5. At the beginning of Nails and Ears Technician program, I was provided clear direction, expectations, and what I needed to help me achieve a successful result:0
  6. Anywhere in the program, was there a place you felt confused or stuck from progressing? Please provide details.0
  7. What is YOUR story? What were you doing before starting this education and where do you think it is going to take you?0
  8. If you could speak directly to a Learner just beginning in the program, what would you say to them?0
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