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Nails & Ears Technician

Nails and Ears Technician Program


Nails and Ears Technician Program (Sponsored)

$199.00 for 1 month

Nails and Ears Technician Program (Earthwise)


Nails and Ears Technician Program (Sponsored - Earthwise)

$199.00 for 1 month
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Welcome to Paragon’s Nails & Ears Tech Program

In this course, you will learn basic canine physiology, pet grooming, and handling of dogs including: clipping nails, filing nails, cleaning ears, and more.

Each lesson in this course is organized with a Study Guide, online content to review, reference to required reading, video demonstrations, illustrations, review quizzes, a final online test, and practical assignments for which you will upload photos of your work.

Included with this program: Access to the Nails & Ears Tech Course which includes reading material, videos, and testing. You will also receive a grooming Tracking Journal and training support through your Paragon Mentor.

Commonly Asked Questions

How soon after I start the program can I expect to start working on dog?
You can expect to start working on dogs very quickly. After you have completed lesson 5.3 (The Nail Trimming & Ear Cleaning) You will begin your practical work trimming nails and cleaning ears.
What happens if I don’t pass a test?
If you do not pass a written test with a 85%, please click “Reset Test” at the bottom of the page. Photo submission tests require 80% and are manually graded. Please contact your instructor to retry a photo submission.
Can I move on in the program while I am waiting to pass on through a stage-gated test or photo submission?
No, The program is set up so that you have time to practice between each new lesson and skill. It is important that you take time to thoroughly master one skill before moving on to the next. If you would to continue with your studies while you are at a time to practice section in the program, review previous lessons and reading assignments. You may pull valuable information by going through it a second or even a third time.
I am having trouble sending my photo submissions in.
If you are uploading them from a mobile device, make sure you are sending them in a medium file. When all of your photos are loaded into a test, make sure you click submit. This will get the photos submitted so your mentor can grade them. The save button if for saving photos before you are ready to submit.
Do I have to record nail trims and ear cleanings on my tracking journal and turn it in?
We do ask you to practice on 10 dogs before submitting your Ears and Nail Trim photos but, you do need to log them on your tracking journal.
How do I know what I got wrong on my test? It doesn’t show me.
We do not show you what you got wrong on tests. The tests are open book, so be sure to go back into your textbooks and re-watch the videos for more understanding. When you are ready to re-take the test, message your Mentor to reset the test for you. The questions will randomize each time the test is reset.



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