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The Dog Gurus

Susan and Robin, founders of The Dog Gurus™, were two people who met by fate. The two lived many states apart, but found themselves at the same dog daycare and boarding conference about 20 years ago. Both of these ladies ran their own dog care facility and were looking for ways to improve on the safety of the dogs as well as their emotional state. Reading body language of dogs who are at play to keep all the dogs safe was a common ground for both Susan and Robin.

After leaving the conference, Susan knew she need to find a way to help teach her staff how to read dog’s body language to not only keep them safe physically, but emotionally. Back then, information was so easily accessible as it is now. Susan searched high and low for easy to understand information on dog behavior and body language. Determined to teach her staff, Susan knew there was only one way to do this. She needed to put together a training guide herself.

Susan later had an epiphany of working with someone who shared the same desire to keep dogs safe and then create the needed tools to train staff. It was then when she remembered Robin. Susan reached out to Robin about writing a book with her to more solidify the safety aspects of canine body language. Robin agreed.

Their first book “Off Leash Dog Play” was just a concept that later became a wonderful reality! Everyone adored Susan and Robin’s techniques and begged them to create a more formal staff training program. They developed a program that taught the canine body language to anyone willing to learn it with the same goal to be achieved: Keeping the dogs happy emotionally and not just worn out physically.

All their hard work together has led them to form The Dog Gurus™. As they taught others how to manage off-leash play more efficiently, the difference in the happiness of dogs and the staff was tremendous.

The Dog Gurus™ help pet care professionals launch, grow and profit by showing them the importance of having a sturdy business with staff that truly understand their dogs.

We Can Help You:

  • Avoid Costly Mistakes
  • Increase Profits
  • Be a Leading Brand
  • Find Personal Freedom

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