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Create A Culture Employees Don’t Want to Leave

Do you give as much attention to keeping your employees as you do keeping your clients? Believe it or not, your employees are your customers too!

We know it’s difficult to find employees. So, once you have them it’s important to create a culture they don’t want to leave.

Focus more on retention, and you’ll be able to focus less on recruitment.

Download our ‘Create A Culture Employees Don’t Want To Leave’ guide to create a positive culture in your business!


Podcast Episodes

Create A Culture Employees Don’t Want To Leave

Joe Zucarello returns with a big question – what are you doing to keep your employees? Tune in for Joe’s five steps to create a culture your employees won’t want to leave. Increase your engagement, retention, and loyalty.

  • What do customers and employees have in common?
  • How do I keep my employees engaged?
  • What does “high touch, not high tech” mean?
  • How can I reduce a lofty vision into one that’s easy to follow?
  • Do I have to achieve perfection to improve my team’s culture?

Tune in to find out.

Create A Culture Employees Don’t Want To Leave (Part 2) with BC & Kathy Henschen

Joe Zuccarello meets with BC and Kathie Henschen of Platinum Paws for team-building tips, communication strategies, and sure-fire ways to keep your employees happy. Find out what they do to make their team feel appreciated, and how that comfort reflects in their work!

  • What kind of schedule should I create for my employees?
  • How can I improve team recognition?
  • Who should I hire, and how long should I be willing to train them?
  • How do I make up for my own shortcomings and improve communication?

Tune in to find out.

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