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Pet Supply Retail with Candace D’Agnolo

Special Guests

Candace D'Agnolo

Candace D’Agnolo is the Founder & CEO of Pet Boss Nation, a global, collaborative community for local pet businesses, led by successful pet industry experts. Coaching them how to make more money, find more time and have more fun! As a pet industry veteran since 2004, Candace started companies in retail, wholesale, daycare, grooming and more. After successfully selling three businesses, she now mentors thousands of other “Pet Bosses” to see success faster together than doing it alone. As a pet industry speaker, columnist and influencer, her belief of community over competition, supports the pet industry in an uplifting way.

Pet Supply Retail with Candace D’Agnolo

Joe Zuccarello interviews Candace D’Agnolo of Pet Boss Nation about adding retail to your business. Find out how you can do a risk-reward analysis with Candace’s Retail Guide.

  • Should I sell retail in my business?
  • How should I position myself in retail
  • What should I carry?

Tune in to find out!

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    About Joe

    Joe Zuccarello is president of the Paragon School of Pet Grooming, leaders in grooming education on campus and online. He possesses more than three decades of experience in the pet grooming, product development and pet business consulting disciplines.

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