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Elly Linam

Hooked On A Grooming Career

Meet Elly “Scissorhands” Linan, Alumni of Paragon Pet School ’21! Elly opened her own pet grooming salon immediately after graduating Paragon’s Level 2 Pet Stylist program last year and is building up her clientele in Murfreesboro, TN.  Elly is a great example of someone who made the switch to a career they love. You go girl!

Why did you choose dog grooming as a career?

I didn’t choose the dog grooming life—the dog grooming life chose me! Seriously though, God put grooming in my lap when one day in late October 2020, I decided to groom our Shih Tzu and post a before + after post on Facebook. Then, friends, family and neighbors started reaching out to me, saying they would pay me to groom their dogs. I was hooked; at 35 years old, I had found my passion! I enrolled in Paragon within a month because I knew that was the best program for me, with the highest quality learning materials. I graduated Level 2 in February of 2021, and my LLC officially opened three weeks later!

What did you enjoy most during your coursework?

With Paragon, I loved having the accountability to practice specific skills on a required number of dogs. I also loved taking the practical exam pictures of my grooms, to not only get a good critique from my mentor, but help me see the bigger picture of the groom. I still take pictures of my work to this day!

Where Can We See You in Action?

Elly Scissorhands Dog Grooming LLC opened in March 2021, three weeks after I graduated Paragon, and I just celebrated its one year anniversary  with a plan to keep growing.

What are your future goals?

Where to begin?! One goal is to be fully booked with returning clients a year in advance. I would also love to start competing in Freestyle competitions with Asian-inspired grooms! I want to learn all I can about Asian Fusion/Asian Freestyle grooming and become the best I can be. The ability to be creative with that style of grooming is amazing—the options are endless! One day it would be great to speak at a Barkleigh event. Overall, I would like to never stop learning and growing.

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About Elly Linam

Elly Linam graduated Paragon's Distance Learning Program in 2021. See her work at Elly Scissorhands Dog Grooming LLC!
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