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Karen Holloway

This Dedicated Rising Star Worked Hard and Leveled Up Her Grooming Skills

Meet Rising Star and Pet Groomer Grad Karen Holloway of Allie’s Walkabout in Erlanger, Kentucky. We’ve seen Karen truly refine her grooming skills during this program, and everyone here is proud of her progress. Her mentor Jilly Mucciarone notes, “Karen showed incredible growth during this level in prep, finish, and mastery of skill sets!”

Why did you choose dog grooming as a career?

I’ve always had a passion for animals and I love the amount of creativity that dog grooming allows and encourages. It allows you to work on your own while also having an amazing team of others to lean on.

What did you enjoy most during your coursework?

I really enjoy learning about all of the different types of breeds and the different grooms.

Where can we see your work?

At Allie’s Walkabout.

What are your future goals?

To become the best groomer I can be while working on my self-confidence in my work and self.

Any advice for aspiring groomers?

Have faith in yourself and continue to strive to be better. This career is such a rewarding one and it can help you grow in so many different ways.

About Karen Holloway

Karen Holloway graduated Paragon's Distance Learning Program in 2023. See her work at Allie’s Walkabout!
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