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Katie Metzler

We were introduced to The Paragon School of Pet Grooming by Joe Zuccarello and could not be more pleased with the programs and guidance they offer. We have 2 groom techs that have completed Level 1 and have moved on to level 2 and a new groom tech currently enrolled in Level 1. There are 2 additional employees I will be enrolling in the near future. Having the relationship with Paragon has given us the confidence that our groom techs are gaining the necessary skills to be safe, efficient and knowledgeable grooming employees. It has given them a career path with attainable goals which keeps them motivated and engaged. We are now utilizing the program to train all new bathing and grooming employees. This has resulted in a tremendous growth of interest and excitement around the grooming department. Our Paragon enrolled employees know they can reach out to their mentors for advice and assistance and will receive helpful feedback in a timely fashion. We are looking forward to greatly expanding our grooming departments and locations in the future and Paragon will play a pivotal roll in that development.
- Katie Metzler, Holiday House Pet Resort

About Katie Metzler

Katie Metzler is a Paragon Sponsor, who has put many employees through the Paragon Distance Learning Program.

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