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Lauren Meyers

Lauren Meyers has always had a passion for helping animals, but before making a career change to dog grooming, she worked in clinical research in biotechnology. She also has an MBA in Business and Finance. This came in handy when she began volunteering at Compassion Without Borders, a non-profit rescue. Lauren even joined the board of directors in 2013!

In 2017 the non-profit organization grew, and they were gifted the property in Santa Rosa, California. They were then able to do direct adoptions, rescues and provide care to animals in Mexico and California. The organization had a lot of volunteer vets and vet techs, however she noticed that there were NO GROOMERS!

She saw the need for groomers, and she signed up for the Paragon Distance Learning Program and began shadowing her friend in her grooming salon. Lauren said Paragon was one of the best decisions she has made! The program walked her through step by step, and the instructional videos were invaluable.

Laurens favorite part of the Distance Learning Program was Level 3 – Pet Stylist Program, where breed patterns are taught. While grooming the dogs that came into the rescue, she was able to practice putting breed patterns on mixed breeds! Being able to transform a rescued dog to make them presentable for adoption was very rewarding for Lauren.

Not only is Lauren a Paragon Distance Learning Program graduate, she is also a Learn2GroomDogs.com member! While shadowing in the grooming salon, her friend recommended she also sign up for Learn2GroomDogs.com! She claimed Learn2GroomDogs has given her the confidence to groom on her own at home, because it is always there to help!

Now, Lauren has an at-home grooming salon that she adores. She focuses mainly on special needs dogs that need one-on-one attention, elderly dogs, and rescue dogs from Compassion Without Borders.

Lauren also gave some advice for anyone on the fence of joining Paragon’s Distance Learning Program. She said, “join without hesitation if you want to become a good groomer! Focus on the very next task in front of you, one step at a time. Most importantly, trust the process Paragon has put in place.”

About Lauren Meyers

Lauren Meyers graduated Paragon's Distance Learning Program in 2020. See her work at Pet Groomer Sonoma!
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