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Maria E Amigoni

New Student Hot on the Trail to Success!

Maria was nominated as a Paragon Rising Star for her fast start and high scores in Level 1! The Houston, Tx native was sponsored by Meadowlake Pet Resort.
“She just started and is already at 70% on the program and hasn’t scored anything less than a 98 on her practicals!” said Mentor Shelly Fledderjohann.

Maria’s Story:

Why did you choose dog grooming as a career?

Growing up I always had a dog, but between the age 8-19 I grew up with 2 schnauzers. We always took the dogs for grooming and one day my mom got home with Gordo and I said.. “Is that a new dog!?” he was completely shaved down and unrecognizable. Since that day I started thinking about grooming and how it all works. I’ve always loved animals, especially working with them. I have worked in shelters and pet resorts. One day I had a horrible experience taking my dog to a groom shop, he freaked out in the parking lot and just completely lost it. I was so scared and confused, this wasn’t normal. That day I knew they weren’t treating him correctly and that something had gone wrong. Since then I decided I wanted to groom and make sure every dog has a good experience with me and that they know nothing bad is going to happen to them.

What did you enjoy most during your coursework?

I enjoy the drying and the de-matting part. I feel like that is something most people don’t like to do but it is so satisfying to me when the hairs start drying and fluffing up or when the matts completely come off and I can comb it through.

Where can we see your work?

I am currently employed at Meadowlake Pet Resort.



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About Maria E Amigoni

Maria E Amigoni was a student of Paragon's Distance Learning Program. See her work at Meadowlake Pet Resort!
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