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Nicole Adriana Stapp

Mephis Dog-Lover Rises High

Nicole Stapp is taking her love of dogs to new heights. Grooming at BrownDog Lodge in Memphis, TN, she just graduated Paragon’s Pet Groomer – Level 2 course. We’re excited to see what she does next!

From Mentor Jilly Mucciarone: “Nicole worked sooooo hard on their stylized legs, despite struggling with it, and they improved so much! Nicole’s dedication and determination is very admirable!”

From Nicole:

Why did you choose dog grooming as a career?

I love dogs and always have. I worked at the doggy daycare that I’m at currently for a long time, and I always admired our groomer’s work. I wanted to see what grooming was all about and figure out if I could make a career out of it.

What did you enjoy most during your coursework?

Finally passing the picture portion of any lesson.

Are you currently employed, or still looking?

I am currently employed by BrownDog Lodge.

What are your future goals?

To make more and more dogs beautiful and to find myself as a groomer.

About Nicole Adriana Stapp

Nicole Adriana Stapp graduated Paragon's Distance Learning Program in 2022. See her work at BrownDog Lodge!
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