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Stephanie Adams

Paragon School of Pet Grooming has fundamentally changed the way we recruit, hire and on-board members of our grooming salon team. We no longer have to hope for people to apply that have previous bathing or grooming experience. With Paragon, by the time the employee completes Level 1, we have producing team members that are performing to a standard that we’ve never experienced before. And by incentivizing the new employee to stay with our company beyond their initial certification, we are getting the most for our efforts. Paragon’s scheduling tool ensures even the newest employees are producing on their own within the first week of hiring with minimal supervision needed from our existing staff—allowing us to maintain our current level of services provided.
- Stephanie Adams, Pocatello Pet Lodge

About Stephanie Adams

Stephanie Adams is a Paragon Sponsor, who has put many employees through the Paragon Distance Learning Program.

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