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JZ10: What are They Really Buying Episode 5 – Partnership

Runtime: 11:00

When you think of the word partnership, what pops into your mind? A superhero and their sidekick? How can we engage our customers and staff as partners and communicate constructively with them? Is there a way to walk alongside them to help them do what’s best without being confrontational?

In this JZ10 Groomer Business Tip, Joe Zuccarello talks about doing things together, communicating with customers and staff in a way that satisfies everyone involved. People don’t like being told what to do but want to be engaged as partners, given choices and input. This applies to managing your staff as well. Watch to learn how partnership can produce a win-win-win situation: a win for you, the person you’re working with, and the pet.

Joe is also the host of the “Hey Joe!” podcast where he interviews a wide range of pet industry subject matter experts.

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