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See All of Dave Campanella’s Grooming Guides

Thanks for joining us on Facebook Live! Below, you’ll find some helpful resources from Dave Campenella, as well as every episode of the Hey Joe Podcast he’s appeared in to date!

About Dave Campenella

Dave Campanella is an informative and entertaining seminar speaker, contributing trade columnist, and genuine grooming enthusiast. He is Best Shot Pet Products sales and marketing director and has over 25 years of pet industry knowledge and experience. He and his wife Tracy co-owned a full-service pet salon and self-wash in Ohio prior to relocating with Best Shot to Kentucky. Together they enjoy exhibiting at grooming shows, being industry ambassadors and showing their Kerry Blue Terrier and Samoyed dogs.


Listen To Episodes of the Hey Joe Podcast Featuring Dave Campenella

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Caring For Skin & Coat During Winter with Dave CampenellaUnderstanding Conditioners with Dave CampenellaMindful Grooming Balance with Dave CampenellaMasterpieces From Nightmares with Dave Campenella


Downloads from Dave Campenella

Shampoo Dispensing GuidelinesShedding & Coat PhysiologyContemplating Pet GroomingUnderstanding ConditionersDisinfecting Guide

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