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DLP Extension – For Students More Than 50% Complete


Extend your access in order to complete Level 1, 2 or 3 as selected. See full product details for options.

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Course Extension Options for students who did not complete coursework within the allotted time. Please select the level that applies to you. Since you completed more than 50% of the coursework, you are eligible for a reduced time and fee extension. A 60-day extension will be immediately applied to your membership so that you can continue your coursework.

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Corp-L1-100%, Corp-L1-50%, Corp-L2-100%, Corp-L2-50%, Corp-L3-100%, Corp-L3-50%, DLP-L1-100%, DLP-L1-50%, DLP-L2-100%, DLP-L2-50%, DLP-L3-100%, DLP-L3-50%

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