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Grooming Business: How to Prepare for the Holiday Rush

If you missed our Facebook Live or just want to delve deeper for tips on surviving the Holiday Rush, check out this roundup of links to our archive on the topic.


  • Equipment – consider investing in the best but must maintain all very well
  • Schedules – Organize schedules NOW! Get commitments from staff now! Commit to your manager now! Ask clients to come early! Can they come in a week or two before the busy weeks? To balance the load?
  • Dress rehearsal! Work with the team to iron out any kinks and ‘who is doing what’ during busy weeks.
  • Manage the Flow – If you don’t stagger your grooming client arrivals, consider doing this for the Holidays for traffic flow (people and pets) in and out of your facility and to mitigate log jams and extended wait times.
  • Stock up on supplies and holiday extras
  • Have a contingency plan for surprises; staff outagaes, power outages, water issues, dog or people injuries, etc. Plan for the worst, hope for the best!

Resources for Preparing for the Holiday Rush

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